Great Chefs

Many of my friends have spent their lives cooking. They’re passionate about sharing great food with others, through their restaurants, recipes, cookbooks and cooking classes. Join us in the kitchen to explore new cuisines and ingredients.

A Southern Italian Christmas Inspired by Armando Percuoco - with Roberta Muir

Armando Percuoco

Italians love gathering friends and family around a table spread with simple, delicious food - and few more so than my friend, retired chef and restaurateur, Armando Percuoco.

David Thompson & Roberta Muir

David Thompson

In the early '90s, in a pub bistro on Darley St Newtown, David started cooking Thai food unlike anything Sydney had ever tasted. His obsession with authenticity makes him the perfect guide for a deep dive into Thai cuisine (especially curries)!

Matt Moran & Roberta Muir - Be Inspired

Matt Moran

Matt’s love of the land and passion for exceptional produce are evident in his menus. With over 30 years at the helm of some of Sydney’s most loved restaurants, his heart is firmly in the kitchen and places where the food he cooks originates.

Ajoy Joshi & Roberta Muir

Ajoy Joshi

Ajoy is passionate about the diversity of India's regional food and loves sharing his expertise at coaxing the best flavours out of the complex herbs and spices used in Indian cuisine.

Alessandro Pavoni & Roberta Muir - Risotto mantacare

Alessandro Pavoni

You haven't tasted risotto until you've tasted Alessandro's! And once he steps you through a few simple tips, you'll be making this classic Italian dish like a pro.

Andy Evans & Roberta Muir

Andy Evans

Head chef of Spice Temple, with a passion for the food of China's lesser-known regions, Andy has a knack for keeping it simple while maintaining authenticity. I love that!

Damien Pignolet & Roberta Muir

Damien Pignolet

No one dresses a salad like Damien – and once he's taught you how, you'll never view a humble bowl of green leaves the same way again. He makes a mean soufflé too!

Giovanni Pilu & Roberta Muir

Giovanni Pilu

Giovanni introduced me to Sardinian food and together we wrote A Sardinian Cookbook. He loves teaching people how to combine the unique ingredients of his homeland into simple, delicious dishes.

Hideo Dekura & Roberta Muir

Hideo Dekura

Master Sushi Chef, Hideo-san, has spent a lifetime making complex Japanese cuisine accessible. His sushi masterclass will have you preparing this delicacy like an expert.

Janni Kyritsis & Roberta Muir

Janni Kyritsis

After a career as one of Australia's most highly awarded chefs, Janni's spent the past 20 years as a home cook. He's a master at getting great flavour out of simple ingredients!

Jose Silva & Roberta Muir

Jose Silva

Sydney's best Portuguese tarts come from Jose's patisserie, Sweet Belem – and he taught me how it's done as well as sharing insights into other Portuguese delights.

Lucio Galletto & Roberta Muir

Lucio Galletto

Lucio ran one of Sydney’s finest Italian restaurants for almost 40 years. He embodies the spirit of la cucina Italiana and, having grown up in his parent's beachside restaurant in Liguria, is an expert on making pesto Genovese.

Mark Jensen & Roberta Muir

Mark Jensen

Chef/Co-owner of Red Lantern, Sydney's best Vietnamese restaurant, Mark came to the cuisine as an outsider, making him the perfect guide to teach us how to master it.

Michael Rantissi & Roberta Muir

Michael Rantissi

Michael embodies the Middle Eastern love for sharing food and good times around food. His falafel is the best I've ever tasted, and you'll adore his green tahini sauce!

Morgan McGlone

Morgan McGlone

Morgan fell in love with the food of America’s Deep South working with acclaimed chef Sean Brock at Husk in Charleston and Nashville. As the founder of Belles Hot Chicken he makes a mean fried chicken with biscuits!

Paul Carmichael & Roberta Muir

Paul Carmichael

Did we even know Bajan was a cuisine until Paul landed in Sydney? I so love exploring diverse Caribbean cuisine with this talented chef. He even shared his Mom's fried chicken recipe!

Simon Goh & Roberta Muir

Simon Goh

Simon's been impressing me with his roti-making skills for over 20 years. He has a knack for combining hot food, cool jazz and great hospitality. And I love his tofu ria and wagyu kway teow!

Simon Sandall & Roberta Muir

Simon Sandall

Simon Sandall started cooking in London before becoming Matt Moran’s right-hand-man at Aria for a decade and a half. So who better to inspire our culinary tour of Old Blighty?

Somer Sivrioglu & Roberta Muir

Somer Sivrioglu

Somer loves showcasing Turkish food beyond kebabs. I’m so grateful he shared the secrets of great köfte with me, and to discover how easy it is to make my favourite börek!

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