Recipes+Videos - A Month of Japanese Inspired by Hideo Dekura


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Master Sushi Chef Hideo Dekura has taught me so much about Japanese food over more than 20 years. Now I’m thrilled to share his inspiration with you. Join us for Hideo-san’s masterclass demystifying the many types of sushi plus a delicious month of Japanese classics including prawn okonomiyaki (pancakes), chicken yakitori, tender beef tataki and crunchy pork tonkatsu (pescatarian, no red meat and other dietary variations included). There’s also the best agedashi tofu ever, deliciously simple black sesame cookies and more.

Each 4-week pack includes:

  • a video of Hideo-san discussing Japanese cuisine
  • 13 step-by-step recipe videos (11 savoury; 2 sweet), plus basics such as making dashi and sushi rice
  • matched sake and wine suggestions (with the option to purchase) here
  • Spotify playlist of Hideo-san’s favourite music to cook to
  • membership of the Be Inspired online forum to share inspiration with our passionate cooks, great chefs and awesome producers
  • a full-colour e-magazine with extra Japanese recipes, food, wine & travel info
  • an invitation to purchase tickets for the Japanese ‘graduation dinner’ in August

If you don’t already have a kitchen torch, order one here for searing aburi sushi and tataki (and many other uses).