Drink Recipes

Drinks can take us travelling vicariously in the same way food can – a Bellini in Venice, iced Vietnamese coffee in Hanoi, mango lassi in Delhi or hot chocolate in Zurich. Here are some of my favourite drink recipes: cocktails, coffees and more.

Best Dessert Cocktails: Espresso Martini, Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise, Berry Daquiri, Brandy Alexander
Mango Lassi

Fruit Drinks

Fruit is colourful, juicy, great-tasting and good for you – and delicious blitzed into a refreshing drink. Here are some of my favourite fruity drink recipes.

How To Make Turkish Coffee (kahvesi)

Coffee Recipes

I love coffee! From creamy affogato to Vietnamese coffee dripped over sweet condensed milk, here are some of my favourite coffee recipe.

Barbajada (Milanese Hot Chocolate-Hot Mocha)

Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate makes everything better! From a decadent Italian hot chocolate to a refreshing iced drink, here are my favourite chocolate recipes.

Southern Cocktails - Group Shot

Cocktail Recipes

Classic cocktails have such a sense of place and time, I love their back stories too! Some are great matches with food, others are great aperitifs or night caps.

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