Poultry Recipes

I love chicken, duck and quail and always have some in my freezer for quick meals! They’re versatile, a great foil for other flavours, and suitable for any cuisine. Juicy flesh and crisp skin make them irresistible in these simple poultry recipes.

Chicken in Half Mourning - raw
Coq au Vin (chicken cooked in wine)

French Recipes

Vive La France! Here are my favourite French poultry recipes: bistro classics and lesser-known regional recipes from Provençe, Alsace and the Basque.

Hainanese Chicken Rice with Ginger & Green Onion Sauce

Asian Recipes

Here are my favourite Asian poultry recipes, from herb-driven southeast Asian dishes and India’s heady spices to China and Japan’s unique cuisines.

Guinea Fowl Bisteeya (Bastilla)

Middle Eastern Recipes

The food of Turkey, the Levant and North Africa have a lot in common. Here are some of my favourite poultry recipes from around the Middle East.

Vietnamese Chicken Rice Soup (cháo gà)

Chicken Soups

What’s more satisfying than a bowl of chicken soup? Light or hearty, smooth or chunky, here are some of my favourite soup recipes using poultry.

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Recipes

Roast whole chicken, diced fillets, deep-fried wings, chicken is a deliciously versatile meat. Here are my favourite chicken recipes.

Spatchcock with chilli, garlic & lemon

Spatchcock Recipes

Call them poussin or spatchcock, these baby chickens are the ideal size for two and quick to cook. Here are my favourite spatchcock recipes.

Duck a l'Orange

Duck Recipes

I love the rich flavour of duck, its crisp skin and the way its pretty pink flesh contrasts with other ingredients. Enjoy my favourite duck recipes.

Harrisa-rubbed Quail (Roast Quail with Lentil Salad)

Quail & Other Poultry

Tasty quail is surprisingly easy to prepare as is lesser-known poultry like guinea fowl. Enjoy my favourite recipes for quail and other poultry.

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