Vegetarian Recipes

I was vegetarian for most of my teens and twenties and I love the diversity of plant-based dishes. Some of these recipes contain optional anchovies or meat ingredients, which you can omit. Vegetarian recipes are colourful, tasty, often quick and, as my carnivorous husband likes to say, are a great accompaniment to meat!

Deep-fried Zucchini Flowers
Trofie Pesto, Beans & Potato

Italian Recipes

Despite great regional diversity, northern Italy and southern Italy are united by passion for simple, seasonal food. Here are my favourite Italian recipes.

Baby Radishes with Pepe Saya Cultured Butter & Olsson's Sea Salt Flakes

French Recipes

Vive La France! From bistro classics to lesser-known regional dishes from Provençe, Alsace and the Basque country. Here are my favourite French recipes.

Dhal Palak (Indian lentils with Spinach)

Asian Recipes

Here are my favourite Asian recipes, from herb-driven southeast Asian dishes and India’s heady spices to China and Japan’s unique cuisines.

Turkish Eggplant Salad (Patliçan Salatası)

Middle Eastern Recipes

The cooking of Turkey, the Levant, Gulf States and North Africa have a lot in common. Here are some of my favourite recipes from around the Middle East.

Baked Honey-glazed Baby Carrots

Aussie Recipes

Australian cuisine is a melting pot of influences from around the world combined with beautiful produce to create truly Australian recipes.

Watercress Soup and Chive Pull Aparts

British Recipes

The British Isles have a wealth of authentic recipes from the cuisines of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Here are my favourite British recipes.

Guacamole & Pico de Gallo

American Recipes

Here are a few of my favourite recipes from The Americas: Canadian, North American, Central and South American, and Caribbean recipes.

Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Zucchini Fritters) with Windy Hills Farm herbs

Greek Recipes

Fresh salads, grilled meat & seafood, crisp pies, wonderful mezze. Eating Greek is like a vicarious summer holiday. Here are my favourite Greek recipes.

Easy Filo Pastry Recipe: Open Fillo Sandwich with Anchovy Sauce (inspired by Janni Kyritsis)

Baked Recipes

Baking is easy with a little guidance and foolproof recipes. Here are some of my favourite baked vegetarian recipes including breads, pies and tarts.

Mushroom Pappardelle

Vegetarian Pasta

Pasta is the perfect quick, easy comfort food. Whip up a bowl in less time than it takes for pizza to arrive. Here are my favourite pasta recipes.

Raw Artichoke Salad

Vegetarian Salads

Salads can be a starter, side or star attraction, simple or complex, hot or cold. Here are some of my favourite salad recipes from around the world.

Rasam (Indian Pepper Soup)

Vegetarian Soups

What’s more satisfying than a bowl of soup? Hot or cold, light or hearty, creamy and smooth or chunky, here are some of my favourite soup recipes.

Asian Rice Bowl with Deep-fried Egg

Egg Recipes

Eggs are so versatile, adding texture, flavour and depth to dishes. Hen eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, we love them all. Here are some of my favourite egg recipes.

Quesadilla with Salsa Verde

Cheese Recipes

From making simple fresh cheese to dishes using a vast range of European, Asian and Australian cheeses, here are some of my favourite cheese recipes.

La Ribollita (Tuscan Bread & Bean Soup)

Vegan Recipes

The world of fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses & funghi provides a wealth of plant-based possibilities for delicious dishes. Here are my favourite vegan recipes.

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