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I love the way wine completes a meal. I especially enjoy pinot noir, riesling, Sherry, lo-fi wines and classic cocktails! Let me introduce you to my favourite wine regions, bars, wines, cocktails and wine folk.

Sherry - Salvador Real at Delgado Zuleta - Sanlucar
Jura – Côtes du Jura

Wine Regions

I love visiting wine regions in Australia and abroad; meeting passionate people, discovering new grapes, eating local fare and enjoying beautiful scenery.

Bellini, Aperol Spitz, Sgroppino, Sbagliato - Recipe - Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails - Food-Wine-Travel with Roberta Muir


Classic cocktails have a sense of place and time, I love their back stories too! Some are wonderful matches with food, others are great aperitifs or night caps.

Marco de Jerez


I adore the fortified wines of Jerez so much that I became an accredited Sherry educator! From bone-dry Manzanilla to treacly PX, I love their complexity and diversity.

Best Australian Sparkling Red Wines - Group


Nothing says good times like a glass of bubbles. And while Champagne is a very fine drink, there are so many more sparklings to explore.

Ochota Barrels Chardonnay - Momofuku


I love a glass of chilled white wine, the floral, fruit-driven notes, and the touch of kero if it’s aged. From the palest straw to the deepest olde golde, the colour promises refreshment.

Natural Rosé - Group


When I can’t quite decide between red and white, rosé is the perfect compromise. A bit of grip from the short skin-contact, still lots of floral, fruity notes and that pretty pink colour!

Chilled Red Wines - Top 5


From a chilled light red in summer, to the heartiest big guns alongside a steak, red wine offers something for everyone. I love the notes of leather, tobacco, chocolate and the rich colours.

Field Blends - P&V Wine & Liquor Merchants


I adore the world of natural wines, whether they’re slightly cloudy, amber-hued, a touch funky or naturally spritzy, they’re excitingly different (and often Sherry-like!).

Grosset Polish Hill Australian Riesling - Top 5 Aussie Rieslings - Food-Wine-Travel with Roberta Muir

Aussie Wine

Australia is blessed with great terroir and brilliant winemakers. I love the way they take influences and grapes from around the world and make uniquely Australian wine.

Australian Dark Craft Beers

Other Drinks

There are so many delicious beverages to explore beyond the usual red, white and rosé; here are a few of my favourite other drinks.

Sommeliers - Tim Watkins (Automata) - Food-Wine-Travel with Roberta

People & Places

I love chatting to experienced sommeliers, wine merchants and winemakers. I love great food and wine matches and little bars that pour interesting drops by the glass.

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