I spent much of my career running Australia’s largest recreational cooking school, Sydney Seafood School at Sydney Fish Market. I love the quality and diversity of Australian seafood and I’ve learnt a bit about preparing it from my chef friends over the years, we even wrote a book on it! Here are a few of my favourite seafood recipes – more coming soon!

Aussie 'Solomon Gundy' with Windy Hills Farm baby vegetables
Fillo Fingers

Anchovy Fingers

Janni Kyritsis whips these up to serve with drinks when friends get together at his place and we're all always eagerly awaiting them hot out of the oven.

Hot & Sour Prawn Soup (dtom yum gung)

Dtom Yum Gung

Hot and sour prawn soups are a classic on Thai menus. They can be as basic or as complex as you like as long as they're salty, sour and hot!

Open Fillo Sandwich with Anchovy Sauce

Open Fillo Sandwich

Another Janni inspiration, this simple starter is a riff on one of my favourite MG Garage starters. I love the crunchy fillo and anchovy sauce.

Potato & Fontina Tart with Smoked Eel - made with Carême all butter puff pastry and The Gourmet Potato

Potato & Smoked Eel Tart

Potatoes and smoked fish are such natural partners that I had to add smoked eel to this tasty potato and fontina tart (hot smoked trout is great too).

Sardine Pâté (Paté de Sardinha)

Sardine Pate

Jose Silva says: “Paté de sardinha, olives and bread are almost always on the table when you walk into a restaurant, before you even order.”



Fried battered seafood and vegetables was introduced to Japan by Portuguese missionaries in the 1700s, now it's one of Japan's most definitive dishes!

Thai Fish Cakes (Tod Man Pla)

Thai Fish Cakes

The springy texture of Thai fish cakes, tod man pla, is created by repeatedly ‘slapping’ the minced fish against the side of the bowl to develop the protein.

Vitello Tonnato - Veal in Tuna Mayonnaise

Vitello Tonnato

This elegant Italian version of surf and turf hails from north-western Italy. The tuna sauce is the star of the dish and great slathered on almost anything!

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