Recipe – Swiss Salmon in Cream Sauce

Swiss Salmon in Cream Sauce This delicious salmon in cream sauce recipe is inspired by a Swiss dish called voressen that’s usually made with lamb or chicken in the Emmental. Use sashimi-grade fish, which virtually all farmed salmon is, and allow it to just poach in the residual heat of the sauce for a succulent […]

Recipe – Swiss Cucumber Salad

Swiss Cucumber Salad This easy Swiss cucumber salad is a refreshing side dish for almost any main course. The yoghurt dressing adds a touch of acid which cuts through the richness of creamy or fried dishes. A good natural pot-set yoghurt, like the buffalo milk one from Vannella Cheese, makes all the difference to this […]

Recipe – Swiss Kohlrabi & Herb Salad

Swiss Kohlrabi & Herb Salad The Swiss love creamy salad dressings, often using yoghurt to supply both the creaminess and a little tang. Finely sliced root vegetables such as kohlrabi or celeriac are often served this way. As celeriac are much larger than kohlrabi, you’d need about half a small one for this salad. This […]

Recipe – Swiss Pastetli (Vol-au-vents)

Swiss Pastetli(Vol-au-Vent) In Switzerland, pastete means pie and in Swiss adding an “i” to the end of a word forms a diminutive – so a small pie is a pastetli. Pastetli in Switzerland are what we know by the French name vol-au-vent, and they’re a delicious starter or light meal with a salad (pictured with […]

Recipe – Basler Läckerli

Basler Läckerli Basler läckerli is a delicious sweet treat that’s a specialty of the Swiss canton of Basel. It’s sometimes made with hazelnuts instead of almonds and some recipes use either just orange peel or just lemon peel, so feel free to substitute if you don’t have everything on hand. My recipe is inspired by […]

Recipe – Kaffee Fertig

Swiss Kaffee Fertig Adding alcohol to coffee is popular in many cultures. Caffè corretto (coffee ‘corrected’ with a nip of grappa) is a common way to start the day in Italy, in France it’s pousse-café and in Spain, carajillo. The Swiss drink kaffee fertig (‘finished coffee’) at any time of day; and call it kafi […]

Recipe – Swiss Vermicelles

Swiss Vermicelles One of the easiest Swiss desserts is chestnut puree on crisp meringue topped with whipped cream; it’s also popular in France, where it’s called Mont Blanc (or la torche aux marrons in Alsace). A potato ricer, typically used to crush potato for gnocchi or potato puree, is perfect for making the long thin […]

Recipe – Swiss Barley Soup (Gerstensuppe)

Swiss Barley Soup (Gerstensuppe) I always cook up a big pot of this delicious barley soup for Swiss National Day (1 August). It’s one of Franz’s favourite childhood memories – a sustaining dish full of vegetables and cured meat, that’s more a meal than a soup, and perfect for that time of year in Sydney. […]

Recipe – Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue As I’m married to a Swiss, a traditional fondue is something we always make in winter. It’s easy, delicious and great for a casual get together. Start with a platter of cold cuts and cornichons (prosciutto and bresaola are closest to the rohschinken and bündnerfleisch you’d have in Switzerland, you can find them […]

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