Recipe – Kaffee Fertig

Swiss Kaffee Fertig Adding alcohol to coffee is popular in many cultures. Caffè corretto (coffee ‘corrected’ with a nip of grappa) is a common way to start the day in Italy, in France it’s pousse-café and in Spain, carajillo. The Swiss drink kaffee fertig (‘finished coffee’) at any time of day; and call it kafi […]

Recipe – Swiss Vermicelles

Swiss Vermicelles One of the easiest Swiss desserts is chestnut puree on crisp meringue topped with whipped cream; it’s also popular in France, where it’s called Mont Blanc (or la torche aux marrons in Alsace). A potato ricer, typically used to crush potato for gnocchi or potato puree, is perfect for making the long thin […]

Recipe – Swiss Barley Soup (Gerstensuppe)

Swiss Barley Soup (Gerstensuppe) I always cook up a big pot of this delicious barley soup for Swiss National Day (1 August). It’s one of my husband, Franz’s, favourite childhood memories – a sustaining dish full of vegetables and cured meat, that’s more a meal than a soup, and perfect for that time of year. […]

Recipe – Cheese Fondue

  As I’m married to a Swiss, a traditional fondue is something I love to make in winter. It’s easy, delicious and great for a casual get together. Start with a platter of cold cuts and cornichons (prosciutto and bresaola are closest to the rohschinken and bündnerfleisch you’d have in Switzerland – you can find […]

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