Salmon Tails with Yoghurt Sauce

Salmon Tails with Yoghurt Sauce Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class!   These salmon tails with yoghurt sauce are as easy and delicious as dinner gets. Salmon tail is a tasty and great value alternative to thicker pieces of fillet and, like all fish, is best cooked with the skin on, […]

Porcini Risotto with Salmon

Porcini Risotto with Salmon Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Italian cooking class featuring the food of Emilia-Romagna! While salmon isn’t indigenous to Italian waters – preferring the colder oceans further north – it is very popular in Italy. It’s delicious served with this earthy porcini risotto and the pink flesh contrasts beautifully too. […]

Ocean Trout with Spicy Onion Sauce

Ocean Trout with Spicy Onion Sauce Cooking fish almost entirely on the skin protects the delicate flesh, keeping it moist and succulent. The skin usually ends up a bit charred and looking slightly the worse for wear, so I usually present the fish flesh side up. The skin still tastes great and, if you like […]

Salmon with Fregola Salad

Salmon with Fregola Salad Like fregola?You’ll love my online Italian cooking class featuring the food of Sardinia! This baked salmon with fregola salad is a great dinner party dish as it’s both easy and impressive. The fregola salad was taught to me by chef Giovanni Pilu, from Pilu at Freshwater, who usually serves it with […]

Swiss Salmon in Cream Sauce

Swiss Salmon in Cream Sauce Discover more delicious Swiss dishes on my small group food & wine tour of Switzerland! This delicious salmon in cream sauce recipe is inspired by a Swiss dish called voressen that’s usually made with lamb or chicken in the Emmental. Use sashimi-grade fish, which virtually all farmed salmon is, and […]

Salmon Wellington

Salmon Wellington Traditional beef Wellington is a series of parcels – beef wrapped in mushroom, wrapped in crêpe, wrapped in pastry – and the method can easily be adapted to other proteins, especially salmon which looks very pretty with its orange flesh contrasting against the golden pastry. When making salmon Wellington there’s no need to […]

Southern Fried Salmon

Southern Fried Salmon While fried chicken is the Southern classic, a similar process works just as well with fish in this delicious Southern fried salmon recipe. You can use any firm-fleshed fish; I love salmon as its oiliness echoes the richness of the chicken skin in the traditional recipe. The Southern spice blend is inspired […]

Baked Ocean Trout with Mushrooms

Baked Ocean Trout with Mushrooms Catching freshwater fish (like trout) and foraging for mushrooms are both popular pastimes in northern Italy, and the fruits of these activities come together deliciously in this simple dish of baked ocean trout with mushrooms. Use whatever mushrooms are available just as they would in Italy, I love wild pine […]

Baked Salmon with Fennel & Orange

Baked Salmon with Fennel & Orange Fennel, oranges and oregano are delicious flavourings for almost any seafood and I especially like them with a thick piece of crisp-skinned salmon. If you don’t like eating salmon skin, still cook the fish with the skin on as the oils add flavour to the flesh and help keep […]

Teriyaki Salmon Skewers

Teriyaki Salmon Skewers I love grilled salmon, especially when it’s basted with the salty-sweet-umami-rich sauce used on these teriyaki salmon skewers. The sauce can be made and skewers threaded ahead of time, so this is a great quick and easy dish for entertaining too. Serve it as a starter, or add steamed rice and a […]

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