Recipe – Rice with Fried Garlic & Shallot

Rice with Fried Garlic & Shallot This simple side dish of rice with fried garlic & shallot is a vegetarian take on the rice served with classic Hainanese chicken rice. The fried shallot and garlic add plenty of flavour without using stock; just remember to salt it well. It’s delicious with trout that’s steeped in […]

Recipe – Sticky Rice with Mango

Sticky Rice with Mango I find any dish with sticky rice addictively comforting, especially a dessert. So I adore khao neow mamuang, sticky rice with mango, which is one of Thailand’s most popular desserts. Glutinous (or sticky) rice is the staple grain of north-eastern Thailand and, despite the name, doesn’t contain any gluten, making it […]

Recipe – Portuguese Rice Pudding

Portuguese Rice Pudding Rice pudding is one of the most typical Portuguese desserts. It always makes an appearance at celebrations, from birthdays to weddings, and is usually decorated with a relevant motif sprinkled on top in cinnamon; initials or numbers are popular for birthdays, while hearts, flowers and simple lattices are also common – so […]

Recipe – Chestnut Rice (Kuri Gohan)

Chestnut Rice Chestnuts are a favourite autumn food in Japan in both savoury and sweet dishes. At their simplest, yakiguri (roasted chestnuts) are sold to passers-by from mobile street stands just as they are in Europe. For something slightly more filling they’re combined with rice in this simple and delicious classic dish of kuri gohan. […]

Recipe – Lemon & Ginger Rice

Lemon & Ginger Rice This deliciously fresh lemon and ginger pilau is a great accompaniment to any Indian dish, especially seafood or poultry. You can make lemon and ginger rice very easily in a rice cooker but might need to make a little extra as most rice cookers won’t cook less than 300g (2 rice […]

Recipe – Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer) Called payasam or kheer, this rice pudding is one of the most typical southern Indian desserts and has as many variations as there are cooks. At its simplest, it’s rice simmered in milk with a pinch of sugar and spice, though it’s often flavoured with fruits, like mango or jackfruit, or […]

Recipe – Red Rice & Herb Cake

Red Rice & Herb Cake Every rice-centred cuisine has a version of fried rice to use up leftover cooked rice. I created this red rice & herb cake inspired by the Vietnamese tomato rice, cơm đỏ, which Mark Jensen introduced me to. It’s a great way to not only use up excess steamed rice but […]

Recipe – Glutinous Red Rice with Lychees

Glutinous Red Rice with Lychees I love glutinous rice desserts and have always wanted to experiment with them so, inspired by a dish that chef Mark Jensen served me several years ago, I came up with this easy glutinous red rice dessert served with lychees. It’s quick too, as long as you get organised and […]

Recipe – Vietnamese Chicken Rice Soup

Vietnamese Chicken Rice Soup Every culture seems to have a chicken soup that’s the universal panacea, and in Vietnam it’s cháo gà. Similar to Chinese congee, it’s sometimes called chicken rice porridge and is generally a breakfast dish, often served with omelette. It can be quite bland, if that’s what you want, and it’s traditionally […]

Recipe – Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice I’ve always loved this dish, especially the delicious ginger and green onion sauce, so I thought I’d give it a try and discovered it’s surprisingly easy (especially with a few tips from the brilliant Tony Tan). It takes a few hours, but most of that is just resting time. There are a […]

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