Sydney Seafood School Cookbook by Roberta Muir (signed by Roberta)


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For over 20 years, at Sydney Seafood School, I inspired home cooks to experiment with the wonderful array of seafood found in Australia’s oceans and rivers. In collaboration with Australia’s leading chefs I compiled a wealth of tips and techniques and over 80 delicious seafood recipes into this comprehensive cookbook. Let my friends and me inspire you to create seafood feasts in your own kitchen, with recipes by Tetsuya Wakuda, Neil Perry, Mark Best, Peter Gilmore, Shannon Bennett, David Thompson, Kylie Kwong, Guillaume Brahimi, Frank Camorra, Matt Moran and many more. There’s expert advice on selecting, storing and cooking different types of seafood and step-by-step photos of essential techniques, including filleting, skinning and pin-boning fish, cleaning abalone, shucking oysters, stripping squid and sectioning crabs. Whether you want a recipe for a quick spaghetti vongole (thanks Giovanni Pilu) or a complex coulibiac (you’re a legend Damien Pignolet!), to know how to tell a Balmain bug from a Moreton Bay bug, why shellfish turn red when they’re cooked, how to devein a prawn without splitting it down the back or the best way to store live clams, the Sydney Seafood School Cookbook is your one-stop reference for all Aussie seafood. Order an autographed copy now.

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