Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Top 5Non-Alcoholic Beverages The non-alcoholic adult beverage market is gaining real momentum, with Forbes reporting that it surpassed US$11 billion in 2022. While many offerings still fall short of the mark attempting to compensate for the mouthfeel of the glycerol in alcohol with added sugar, new players are appearing virtually every month and more traditional […]

Top 5 Persian Drinks

Top 5 Persian Drinks Like this list? You’ll love my online Persian cooking class! Because alcohol isn’t an option in Iran (except for rather rough illegal moonshine), the range of non-alcoholic beverages is wide, interesting and delicious, including lots of freshly squeezed fruit juices sold by street vendors all over city streets and markets.   […]

Top 5 Australian Fortified Wines

Top 5 Australian Fortified Wines Before modern bottling methods, wines were often fortified with grape spirit to protect them from spoiling. The different flavours this produced caught on and, by the time it was no longer necessary, there was a continuing market for these higher alcohol wines. Australian fortified wines were international stars long before […]

Top 5 Greek Wines

Top 5 Greek Wines Ancient Greeks were one of the foremost producers of wine in their day and, along with the Romans, responsible for spreading vines to much of Europe. While the modern Greek wine industry was tainted by bad retsina for a long time, today Greek wines, and at least one Greek varietal grown […]

Japanese Whisky

Japanese Whisky By Fredrik Uden The history of Japanese whisky starts with Masataka Taketsuru going to Scotland in 1918. He is already a chemist and comes from a family with a long history of sake brewing. His sole purpose in visiting Scotland is to study the art of whisky making. This is the beginning of […]

Top 5 Lucio’s Italian Restaurant

As Lennon and McCartney wrote: ‘there are places I’ll remember all my life’ – and Lucio’s Italian Restaurant is certainly that for generations of Sydneysiders. While Sydney is blessed with much good food, wine and service, much rarer is the authentic hospitality in rooms full of colour, laughter and creative energy that transform a good […]

Top 5 Unusual Sparkling Wines

Nothing says ‘celebration’ quite like a glass of fizz. Champagne, prosecco, and the other usual culprits, are all very well – but next time you want some bubbles, try something a little left of centre. Here’s a gorgeous amber coloured fizz, one of England’s finest, sparkling sake and Swiss cider, and a gorgeous local pet […]

Top 5 Unusual Hotels

For me, one of the most exciting things about travel is stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring ‘the other’. On holidays we spend our days hearing (and sometimes speaking) different languages, eating different foods, and observing different cultural practices – but then usually retreat to a somewhat standard hotel room and bed to sleep. […]

Top 5 Cape Town (city guide)

Cape Town, a vibrant, multi-cultural city, dominated by the towering majesty of Table Mountain, has great places to eat, drink and shop an easy walk from the centre. But it’s also well worth heading south along the peninsular around False Bay to Cape Point and back up the Atlantic Coast; from the high pass of […]

Top 5 Date Night Ideas

Remember when you first started dating your partner? Going out of your way to think of special things to do together that would surprise and delight the other? I used to think ‘date night’ was a great idea for couples busy with kids, who needed to set time aside for each other – and so […]

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