Recipe – Edamame with Furikake

Edamame, soybeans in the pod, are a popular bar snack all over Japan … a bit like beer nuts or pretzels. You can buy them frozen from Asian grocers to have on hand when friends drop by for a drink. Simply blanch them (or better still pop them in the microwave for a minute) and […]

Recipe – Japanese Cheesecake Pancake

The Japanese are masters at taking something from another culture and making it their own – their super-light and springy cheesecake is a great example. It’s sometimes called cotton cake, jiggly cake or soufflé cake because it’s so light and fluffy. I’d heard it’s tricky to master, but thought I’d give it a try for […]

Recipe – Chestnut Rice (Kuri Gohan)

Chestnuts are a favourite autumn food in Japan in both savoury and sweet dishes. At their simplest, yakiguri (roasted chestnuts) are sold to passers-by from mobile street stands – just as they are in Europe. For something slightly more filling they’re combined with rice in this simple and delicious classic dish of kuri gohan. If […]

Recipe – Miso & Sesame Cookies

Japanese sweets often have an intriguing blend of sweet and savoury, and if you like the black sesame cookies in our Month of Japanese, you’ll love these miso-spiked ones too. I like white miso for its mild taste, but you can experiment with different ones if you like a more savoury flavour. Use whatever sesame […]

Recipe – Tempura

Tempura Tempura is an example of how the Japanese take inspiration from other cultures and make it their own. Battered fried seafood and vegetables was introduced to Japan by Portuguese missionaries in the 1700s – the Japanese lightened the batter, added a delicate dipping sauce and created what is now considered one of their most […]

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