Recipe – Lemon & Ginger Rice

Lemon & Ginger Rice This deliciously fresh lemon and ginger pilau is a great accompaniment to any Indian dish, especially seafood or poultry. You can make lemon and ginger rice very easily in a rice cooker but might need to make a little extra as most rice cookers won’t cook less than 300g (2 rice […]

Recipe – Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer) Called payasam or kheer, this rice pudding is one of the most typical southern Indian desserts and has as many variations as there are cooks. At its simplest, it’s rice simmered in milk with a pinch of sugar and spice, though it’s often flavoured with fruits, like mango or jackfruit, or […]

Recipe – Rasam

Rasam This spicy, tangy southern Indian soup is a great start to any meal served with some crisp papadums; it’s also fun in shot glasses for a cocktail party. It’s traditionally served as a light meal over steamed rice, especially to people who are feeling poorly. Rasam means ‘juice’ or ‘essence’ in Tamil and the […]

Recipe – Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Sometimes made with buttermilk instead of, or as well as, yoghurt, lassi is a refreshing drink that can be served for breakfast or as a snack at any time. It can be flavoured with pureed fruit such as mango or made in more of a savoury style seasoned with spices like saffron or […]

Recipe – Masala Nuts

Masala Nuts These spicy salted nuts are a popular treat in India, especially during Diwali. Use any nuts you like, just one kind or a mixture, and mix up the spicing to suit your taste. You can also use rice flour if that’s what you have on hand instead of potato starch. Serve these nuts […]

Recipe – Dhal Palak (Indian with Spinach)

Dhal is my favourite part of any Indian meal. Sometimes written ‘dal’, it is a staple of Indian cooking, ranging from soupy to quite thick and made from any of a wide range of split dried beans, peas or lentils. I use red (masoor) or yellow (moong/mung) lentils most often, as they don’t need soaking […]

Recipe – Black Pepper Butter Chicken

This quick, tasty recipe is my version of a Punjabi dish, kali mirch murgh makhani (literally black pepper chicken with butter). It’s nothing like the fluoro-orange butter chicken of Indian restaurants, nor is it as spicy as the amount of pepper, garlic and ginger might suggest. The yoghurt and lime juice give it a nice […]

Recipe – Gulab Jamuns

Many years ago a friend’s parents owned an Indian restaurant in Parramatta. His Dad did most of the cooking, but it was his Mum who taught me to make the classic Indian sweet gulab jamuns. This is very close to the recipe Mrs D’Souza gave me, though the addition of pomegranate is my idea … […]

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