Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indian cooking class inspired by Ajoy Joshi! Biryani is a festive Indian one-pot rice dish. Unlike a simple pilau, the rice is partially cooked then layered with the seasoned meat to finish cooking. Well caramelised onions are key to a successful biryani – cook them long […]

Coriander & Mint Sauce

Coriander & Mint Sauce This slightly spicy coriander & mint sauce is a riff on hari chutney, the traditional accompaniment to that colourful crunchy Indian street-side snack, chaat. My recipe is inspired by a sauce Ajoy Joshi serves at Nilgiri’s Indian Restaurant in Cremorne. I was tempted to call it a chutney, until I remembered […]

Kerala Thattukada Prawns

Kerala Thattukada Prawns In Kerala, on India’s south west coast, street carts called thattukada sell deep-fried chicken coated in a spicy marinade. At Nilgiri’s Indian Restaurant in Sydney, Ajoy Joshi bakes his ‘street cart chicken’ rather than frying it and serves it with a green sauce that’s one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had […]


Churri Churri is the traditional accompaniment to Indian biryani and roasted meats, the fresh herbs and tangy yoghurt and buttermilk brighten up the slow-cooked meat and rich onion. Use a natural pot set yoghurt if possible, like the buffalo yoghurt from Vannella Cheese, and a natural buttermilk like Pepe Saya’s. Churri keeps well in the […]

Tuna Biryani

Tuna Biryani Tuna biryani is my pescatarian take on the more traditional Indian classic, lamb biryani. Tuna has great flavour, but a tendency to dry out quickly, so it’s best cooked in large chunks. At the table, encourage diners to flake the tuna through their rice so they aren’t eating whole chunks of it, and […]

Lemon & Ginger Rice

Lemon & Ginger Rice Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indian cooking class! Lemon and ginger rice is a deliciously fresh side dish that’s a great accompaniment to all sorts of dishes, especially seafood or poultry. With the optional tempering mixture drizzled over the top it’s particularly good with Indian curries, but you can […]

Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer) Called payasam or kheer, this rice pudding is one of the most typical southern Indian desserts and has as many variations as there are cooks. At its simplest, it’s rice simmered in milk with a pinch of sugar and spice, though it’s often flavoured with fruits, like mango or jackfruit, or […]


Rasam Rasam is a spicy, tangy southern Indian soup that’s a great start to any meal, especially served with some crisp papadums; it’s also fun in shot glasses for a cocktail party. It’s traditionally served as a light meal over steamed rice, especially to people who are feeling poorly. Rasam means ‘juice’ or ‘essence’ in […]

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Sometimes made with buttermilk instead of, or as well as, yoghurt, lassi is a refreshing drink that can be served for breakfast or as a snack at any time. It can be flavoured with pureed fruit such as mango or made in more of a savoury style seasoned with spices like saffron or […]

Masala Nuts

Masala Nuts Spicy salty masala nuts are a popular treat in India, especially during Diwali. Use any nuts you like, just one kind or a mixture, and mix up the spicing to suit your taste. Use rice flour instead of potato starch if that’s what you have on hand. Serve these nuts with drinks – […]

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