Recipe – Japanese Cheesecake Pancake

The Japanese are masters at taking something from another culture and making it their own – their super-light and springy cheesecake is a great example. It’s sometimes called cotton cake, jiggly cake or soufflé cake because it’s so light and fluffy. I’d heard it’s tricky to master, but thought I’d give it a try for […]

Recipe – Walnut and Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Walnut & Cinnamon Coffee Cake I’m not much of a baker, but this moist coffee cake, with a scrumptious crunchy topping, is foolproof and so delicious that it’s become my go-to when I need a homemade sweet treat to take to a friend’s house. The coffee in the recipe title isn’t an ingredient, it means […]

Recipe – Date and Walnut Roll

If I’m baking, it has to be super-easy – like this delicious date and walnut roll that I don’t even need to get the electric mixer out for. I remember my Aunty Dorothy making these when I was a child, her daughter Gail often had slices in her lunchbox and I thought they were very […]

Recipe – No-bake Cheesecake with Passionfruit Topping

Desserts often evoke nostalgia … and this no-bake cheesecake with passionfruit topping certainly does for me. My father loved cheesecake and I wish I’d made it for him more often – especially this simple version which only takes 15 minutes or so to put together. I prefer unbaked cheesecakes, not just for how quick and […]

Recipe – Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

I don’t know where the original recipe for this cake came from – perhaps a flatmate, or an ex-boyfriend’s mother. I only know I’ve been cooking it for over 25 years, making minor modifications along the way. My latest variation is adding orange zest to the cream cheese frosting … and I wish I’d thought […]

Recipe – Orange Almond Yoghurt Cake

This orange almond yoghurt cake is great on its own with a cup of coffee or tea. The easy orange & date salad turns it into a simple, delicious dessert that can be prepared ahead of time. The almond meal makes it quite moist, so although it makes quite a lot, leftovers keep well in […]

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