Spaghetti alle Vongole al Cartoccio

Spaghetti alle Vongole al Cartoccio Like this recipe?You’ll love my online Italian cooking class featuring the food of southern Italy! Spaghetti alle vongole is the classic Italian clam dish. Vongole means ‘clam’ in Italian and I use the small South Australian vongole that are closest to Italy’s vongole veraci, but you can use any clams […]

Oyster Omelette (Or Chien)

Oyster Omelette This recipe brings back memories of my first trip to Singapore – and my first meal at Newton Circus hawker centre. I’ve seen the translation of oyster omelette written so many ways, including or luak, orh luak, orr chien, orh jian and o-a-tsian. The ingredients vary a lot too, some people use tapioca […]

Portuguese Clams in White Wine (Amêijoas com Vinho Branco)

Portuguese Clams in White Wine Clams are very popular in Portugal. Amêijoas com vinho branco (Portuguese clams in white wine) are typically cooked over an open fire in a traditional cataplana, a metal vessel made of two concave halves that clip together to tightly enclose and steam the ingredients. Pork is often added in the […]

Pipis with Lemongrass, Chilli & Garlic

Pipis with Lemongrass, Chilli & Garlic There’s nothing like a quick and easy stir-fry when you’re short on time; these pipis with lemongrass are inspired by a recipe from chef Mark Jensen of Red Lantern in Darlinghurst. I make it with Goolwa pipis from South Australia as I usually have a bag in the freezer […]

Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow Classic char kway teow most often includes lup cheong (Chinese sausage), but I make a delicious pescatarian version without it. If you’re cooking for omnivores, you can fry a few slices in the oil then remove it before adding the noodles and return it to the wok with the bean sprouts. You […]

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