Recipe – Savoury Künefe

Savoury Künefe I love the flavours in the pasirma börek in our Month of Turkish and am impressed by how deliciously easy the sweet kunefe is. So I wondered what would happen if we combined them. Here’s the answer: a simple, crunchy, messy, delicious savoury kunefe! Be inspired to vary the filling. As long as […]

Recipe – Simon’s Wagyu Kway Teow

Simon’s Wagyu Kway Teow Char kway teow, the popular Malaysian and Singaporean dish of stir-fried rice noodles, literally means ‘stir-fried rice cake strips’. Flat sheets of rice dough (called ‘hor fun’ in Chinese) are folded into blocks, cut into strips and separated into noodles. Char kway teow typically includes Asian clams and lup cheong sausage. […]

Recipe – Steak Sandwich

A good steak sandwich is an Aussie icon. It makes for a satisfying, and relatively healthy, fast food meal on long road trips … and can also be upscaled for a delicious casual dinner. I use Beerenberg Tomato Chutney, Birch & Waite whole-egg mayonnaise and Brasserie Bread rustic loaf. As with its near cousin the […]

Recipe – Bresaola Salad

I fell in love with bresaola when I was researching A Lombardian Cookbook in Italy with Alessandro Pavoni. A specialty of Lombardy, bresaola is salt-cured beef eye round that’s dried in the crisp Alpine air. Virtually identical to Swiss Bündnerfleisch (Viande des Grisons) from just across the border in the canton of Graubünden, it has […]

Recipe – Axoa d’Espelette (Basque Veal Stew)

Axoa d’Espelette (Basque Veal Stew) I discovered this classic Basque dish when I visited the town of Espelette in southwestern France, famous for its mild dark red chillies drying under the eaves of the whitewashed houses. I brought home jars of the ground piment d’Espelette which flavours this and so many other Basque dishes, but […]

Recipe – French Onion Soup

Soup, bread, cheese: three of my favourite comfort foods. I especially love French onion soup because it combines all three! Beef stock is considered the traditional base, but I’ve also successfully used chicken stock or even just water. If you use the stock leftover from poaching veal for vitello tonnato, the vinegar cuts through some […]

Recipe – Rare Roast Beef Sandwich

Rare Roast Beef Sandwich Rare roast beef sandwiches are popular in the USA, especially the north east, as a closed sandwich, often with American cheddar-style cheese melted over the beef. I prefer an open version without the cheese, using delicious Sonoma miche bread. The essentials are thinly shaved rare roast beef, a creamy sauce (usually […]

Recipe – Wagyu Hamburger

A recent discovery of wagyu beef patties at Vic’s Meat Market inspired me to make my own hamburgers – bringing back wonderful childhood memories of family road trips down the south coast of NSW. Stopping at a milk bar along the way for a hamburger was a rare holiday treat that ended up with the […]

Recipe – Rare Roast Beef

Rare Roast Beef A simple piece of rare roast beef is a great centrepiece for any table. Two tips ensure success: bring the meat to room temperature before cooking it (about an hour out of the fridge depending on the weather) and rest it for at least as long as you cook it. I use […]

Recipe – Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare As a reformed vegetarian, it’s odd that my favourite way to eat meat is raw, but I can rarely resist this dish when I see it on a menu. I love the theatre of it being mixed tableside by an experienced waiter and the traditional crinkly pommes gaufrettes with it, though crisped baguette […]

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