Rendang Tempe

Rendang Tempe Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! Rendang was traditionally a way of preserving the meat of water buffalos by long slow cooking in coconut oil, like a confit. Indonesian food expert Sri Owen writes about her mother bulking out beef rendang with potatoes and red kidney beans during the […]

Quick Kimchi

Quick Kimchi Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Asian Home Cooking cooking class! Kimchi, Korean spicy pickled cabbage, is a great side dish with almost anything. Cabbage ferments quickly, especially if you start it off at room temperature for a day. Kimchi is even delicious eaten as soon it’s made, without waiting for it […]

Dolsot Bibimbap Recipe

Dolsot Bibimbap Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Asian Home Cooking cooking class! I discovered bibimbap in a traditional eatery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – as well as a surprisingly good version on Korean Airlines on the way home – and I’ve been hooked ever since! Bap is the Korean word for ‘rice’ and bibim […]

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails Due to the post-colonial proliferation of sugarcane plantations, rum is one of the Caribbean’s most important exports – and one of its favourite cocktail ingredients! Get More Caribbean Inspiration Here! I’ve given suggestions for white or dark rum in some recipes below, but you can make these classic Caribbean rum […]

Apom Berkuah (Singaporean Coconut Pancakes)

Apom Berkuah with Pengat Pisang Apom berkuah with pengat pisang is a popular Singaporean dessert. Apom comes from the word ‘appam’, a southern Indian fermented rice pancake popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and berkuah (also written bokwa or bengkua) means to accompany a thick sauce or gravy, in this case the delicious banana-studded coconut […]

Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry Fish head curry is a classic Singaporean and Malaysian dish. It’s said to have originated in Singapore in the 1950s, though it seems likely that thrifty housewives were finding ways to make fish heads tasty long before then, after all the meat in the cheeks and wings is delicious and plentiful in […]

Char-grilled Five Spice Prawns

Char-grilled Five Spice Prawns Char-grilled five spice prawns are a great filling for Vietnamese rice flour crepes, bánh xèo, or served simply with a platter of fresh herbs and leaves – such as perilla, Vietnamese mint, Thai basil, bean sprouts and lettuce – and steamed rice. They can be threaded onto skewers for a barbecue […]

Coriander & Mint Sauce

Coriander & Mint Sauce This slightly spicy coriander & mint sauce is a riff on hari chutney, the traditional accompaniment to that colourful crunchy Indian street-side snack, chaat. My recipe is inspired by a sauce Ajoy Joshi serves at Nilgiri’s Indian Restaurant in Cremorne. I was tempted to call it a chutney, until I remembered […]

Kerala Thattukada Prawns

Kerala Thattukada Prawns In Kerala, on India’s south west coast, street carts called thattukada sell deep-fried chicken coated in a spicy marinade. At Nilgiri’s Indian Restaurant in Sydney, Ajoy Joshi bakes his ‘street cart chicken’ rather than frying it and serves it with a green sauce that’s one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had […]

Prawn Laksa Lemak

Prawn Laksa Lemak There are as many different versions of laksa as there are cooks, every Singaporean and Malaysian adds their own spin and there are distinct regional variations. Not all laksas contain coconut milk, but laksa lemak always does. Laksa lemak originated around the Straits of Malacca and lemak, meaning ‘creamy’ in Malay, indicates […]

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