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Windy Hills - thyme
Germaine & Jeff Borg grow wonderful potted herbs on their family farm, Windy Hills, near Camden south of Sydney. They last for weeks on the kitchen counter and months in the garden! They also grow gorgeous baby cos, oak leaf lettuce, pencil leeks, finger fennel, baby turnips and beautiful baby radishes. Their Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) creates an ecosystem of natural predators like bees, wasps and other beneficial insects to produce healthy plants with minimal need for spraying. Did I mention Germaine’s gorgeous sunflowers?!
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Cook with Windy Hills Farm Produce

I use Windy Hills Farm’s herbs, lettuces and baby vegetables in all sorts of dishes, across a wide range of cuisines.

Scroll down to see some of my videos and recipes using Windy Hill’s great produce.

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Cabbage Salad - using Windy Hills Farm herbs
Play Video about Cabbage Salad - using Windy Hills Farm herbs

Cabbage & Herb Salad

Cabbage salads are popular throughout the Middle East and his simple recipe is a great way to use any of Windy Hills fresh herbs you have growing.

Play Video about Pesto Genovese - using Windy Hills Farm basil and ALTO Olives extra virgin olive oil

Pesto Genovese

Authentic pesto Genovese is a taste sensation. One of the secrets according to veteran Ligurian restaurateur Lucio Galletto is small basil leaves, like you’ll find in a pot of Windy Hill’s basil!

Braised Cos Lettuce - using Windy Hills Farm baby cos
Play Video about Braised Cos Lettuce - using Windy Hills Farm baby cos

Braised Cos Lettuce

Who knew you could cook lettuce? It’s a revelation to many Aussies, but a traditional side dish in much of Europe and Windy Hills baby cos are the perfect size!

Trofie al Pesto Genovese


In many dishes, basil is the aroma of Italy. Essential in classic pesto Genovese and insalata Caprese, it also adds delicious depth to sauces and soups.

German Potato & Chervil Soup (Kerbelsuppe)

Parsley & Chervil

Flat-leaf parsley is popular in Italy for its almost peppery grassiness. Its close cousin, chervil, with a lighter faintly aniseed aroma, is more common in France.

Chive Pull Aparts with Windy Hills Farm herbs


Chives, a close cousin of garlic, onion and leek (all alliums) adds an earthy pungency and splash of colour to soups, salads, stuffings, sauces and even breads.

Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Zucchini Fritters) with Windy Hills Farm herbs


Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow and one of the most popular. Used across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it adds freshness to sweet and savoury dishes.

Focaccia - rosemary with Windy Hills Farm herbs

Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme

The woody herbs – rosemary, oregano and thyme – grow wild across the hills of Europe and thrive in most home gardens.

Bánh Mí (Banh Mi) with Windy Hills Farm herbs

Coriander & Thai basil

South-east Asian cuisine uses abundant strongly-flavoured fresh herbs, including coriander (also called cilantro and popular in The Americas) and Thai basil.

Salade Verte (green salad) with Windy Hills Farm lettuce

Cos & Oak Leaf

Lettuce adds colour, texture and freshness, as a cooked vegetable as well as in cold and warm salads. Crunchy cos and frilly oak leaf are especially versatile.

Easy Entertaining Class - Aussie 'Solomon Gundy' with Windy Hills Farm baby vegetables

Baby Vegetables

Tiny, spicy baby radishes; fine pencil leeks perfect for grilling; and long, elegant finger fennel with gorgeous fronds look stunning as crudités and in salads.


How Do I care for Windy Hills Farm potted herbs?

Most Windy Hills Farm herbs will keep for weeks, sometimes months, on the kitchen counter if you care for them properly. Discard the plastic sleeve, sit them in a sunny spot in a small dish and water them regularly. Most are happiest if the dish is half full of water, though thyme and rosemary seems happier in a dry dish just watered regularly.

What about coriander?

Coriander is the problem child of herbs, it doesn’t last long even in a pot, I’ve found the best way is to remove the plant from the pot leaving the peat ball (soil) attached, place it in a freezer bag (root end first) then place another freezer bag over it and store it in the crisper. Stored like this it will keep fresh for at least 10 days, often much longer. Even if the leaves look a little limp they’ll still have plenty of flavour and can be refreshed in a sink of cold water for 30 minutes or so before using.

Can I plant Windy Hills Farm herbs in the garden?

Yes, you can extend the life of your Windy Hills Farm potted herbs by putting them in planter boxes or the garden. Some are happier than others in the kitchen, I find parsley starts to droop and discolour after about 2 weeks, but revives when planted in the garden. Once it goes to seed, new plants pop up and I have an almost endless supply of parsley.

How Do I care for lettuce with the root ball attached?

Windy Hills Farm lettuces are as fresh as can be and are delivered with the root ball still attached to keep nurturing the plant. Place a freezer bag over the lettuce, so that it’s fully enclosed in its plastic sleeve, and store in the crisper until needed. Remove leaves as needed, rinse well in a sink of cold water and spin dry.

Where can I buy Windy Hills Farm Herbs?

Windy Hills Farm herbs are available in Supabarn Farmer’s Markets across NSW and ACT. Find a full list of stockists on their website.

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Melisa (Beacon Hill, NSW)
Melisa (Beacon Hill, NSW)
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We made the pot-sticker dumplings and bang bang chicken from the Chinese class the other night. Once again both exceeded our expectations. My husband keeps saying it’s better than going out to restaurants as the recipes and quality are amazing.
Glennis (Caringbah South, NSW)
Glennis (Caringbah South, NSW)
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The whole Be Inspired experience has helped me love cooking again. I was sick of cooking the same old things - meal time is a lot brighter thanks to you Roberta.
Pam (Cammeray, NSW)
Pam (Cammeray, NSW)
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Your recipes are something I always feel confident offering guests and also reasonable in the time to prepare. We often try your recommended wines and suppliers and enjoy your travel tales too!
Jen (Tamarama, NSW)
Jen (Tamarama, NSW)
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Thank you for stocking our pantry with such authentic Ingredients and quality produce. We really like the flexibility of cooking over a couple of days and changing the order we cook the dishes in when we want to. And I love listening to the themed playlist while cooking.
Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)
Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)
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I am absolutely loving Be Inspired! There are ingredients I have never worked with before so having the confidence to try something new is so much fun! The recipes are just amazing and the notes on what can be prep’d beforehand are a great help too. Thank you so much.
Deb (Belconnen, ACT)
Deb (Belconnen, ACT)
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Awesome fun traveling through Emilia-Romagna experiencing first hand some of the produce I've worked with over the last couple of years cooking with Roberta's classes – the family are reaping the benefits now.
Judith (Woronora, NSW)
Judith (Woronora, NSW)
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Food, wine and travel! Three of my favourite things! Be Inspired with Roberta has been a wonderful experience and given me more confidence in the kitchen. I have learnt so much, cooked things I never would have attempted without Roberta’s excellent videos, and used ingredients I have never tried before.
Sandra (Garran, ACT)
Sandra (Garran, ACT)
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I'm a competent cook whose learned so much from Roberta's online cooking classes. The recipes are yummy and Roberta’s video guidance offers so many little tips to improve flavour and organise the flow of preparation. I enjoy her warmth, sense of humour, and ability to giggle at herself when she occasionally messes up.
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