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Salt is essential for life. It’s also essential for flavour, and cooking with natural sea salt makes a world of difference to the taste of dishes. Every chef I know stresses the importance of seasoning during cooking, not just at the end. And I know one of the reasons chefs’ food often tastes better than home cooks’ is the amount – and the quality – of the salt they use. I love the pure Australian sea salt Alex Olsson and her family produce from the waters of the Great Australian Bight and Great Barrier Reef. They’re Australia’s oldest family owned and operated sea salt producer, making sustainable solar sea salt since 1948 (read more of their history in the Q&A below).
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I use Olsson’s salt across a wide range of cuisines in all sorts of dishes, savoury and sweet.

Scroll down to see some of my videos and recipes using Olsson’s salt.

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North Carolina BBQ Sauce - Mutti tomato paste & Olsson's Smoked Salt
Play Video about North Carolina BBQ Sauce - Mutti tomato paste & Olsson's Smoked Salt

North Carolina BBQ Sauce

This mustard-based sauce is perfect for cutting through rich BBQ meats. I add Olsson’s Redgum Smoked Salt, especially when cooking indoors, for a classic smoky flavour!

Play Video about Potato Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi

One of the secrets to super light gnocchi is keeping the potatoes as dry as possible by baking them on a bed of Olsson’s rock sea salt to draw out excess moisture.

Spatchcock Baked in Salt Crust Dough made with Olsson's Natural Table Salt
Play Video about Spatchcock Baked in Salt Crust Dough made with Olsson's Natural Table Salt

Spatchcock Baked in Salt Crust

One of Janni Kyritsis’ most popular dishes, chicken wrapped in salt crust dough, is impressive and easy. A good table sea salt, like Olsson’s, is essential as the salty dough seasons the chicken.

Snapper Baked in Salt Crust - Olsson's Cooking Salt (Nick & Monty)

Cooking & Rock Salt

Natural salt brings out flavour. It's essential for brining poultry, pickling veggies & poaching or salt-crusting fish. Cooking potatoes on a bed of rock salt helps dry them out for the lightest gnocchi ever.

Baby Radishes with Pepe Saya Cultured Butter & Olsson's Sea Salt Flakes

Sea Salt Flakes

Salt flakes add crunch and flavour to all sorts of dishes. Baby radishes are traditionally served dipped in salt flakes and a pinch of salt is added to many sweets, especially chocolate and caramel.

Fresh Fruit with Thai Spicy Salt using Olsson's sea salt flakes

Seasoned Salts

I often use Olsson's crunchy salt flakes as a base for my own spiced salt blends. They make easy marinades mixed with oil and are perfect for dipping and sprinkling on all sorts of food.

Pane Carasau, Rosemary, Olives, Pecorino - sprinkled with Olsson's Sea Salt Flakes


Bread and salt are two of life's essentials and have a natural affinity. Salt flakes add flavour and texture scattered across the top of focaccia and sprinkled onto pita crisps and pane carasau.


Where is Olsson's Salt made?

Olsson’s salt is harvested from two of Australia’s most pristine bodies of water near the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and South Australia’s Great Australian Bight.

How is Olsson's Salt made?

The Olsson family uses solar evaporation to make their sea salt. Sun and wind work their magic on a series of large ponds of seawater, as the water evaporates the salt concentrates until it crystallises on the floor of the ponds and can be harvested. It’s then washed in pure sea water, dried and packed. No chemicals involved!

Why is Olsson's Salt the best salt in Australia?

I love Olsson’s natural sea salt for it’s pure colour, crisp flavour and great crunchy texture. I also adore Olsson’s range of salt rubs flavoured with pure dried herbs, spices and citrus zest. Olsson’s natural sea salt is made by the effect of sun and wind on pure sea water, retaining all the naturally-occurring trace minerals that give salt flavour beyond the intense saltiness of straight sodium chloride.

Why is sea salt healthier than regular salt?

Common salt consists of just sodium chloride, whereas salt extracted naturally from sea water contains many other trace minerals along with the sodium; and those minerals are in a ratio similar to that found in the body’s extra cellular fluids, keeping everything in balance.

Who owns Olsson's Salt? When was Olsson's salt founded?

The Olsson Family has been making solar sea salt since 1948. Olsson Pacific is the oldest family owned and operated sea salt producer in Australia, with third generation Alexandra and Genevieve Olsson now assisting their father Charles. It all started in the mid 20th century with salt blocks for livestock then, almost 65 years later, the family expanded into the gourmet salts they’re so well known for today.

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Melisa (Beacon Hill, NSW)
Melisa (Beacon Hill, NSW)
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We made the pot-sticker dumplings and bang bang chicken from the Chinese class the other night. Once again both exceeded our expectations. My husband keeps saying it’s better than going out to restaurants as the recipes and quality are amazing.
Glennis (Caringbah South, NSW)
Glennis (Caringbah South, NSW)
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The whole Be Inspired experience has helped me love cooking again. I was sick of cooking the same old things - meal time is a lot brighter thanks to you Roberta.
Pam (Cammeray, NSW)
Pam (Cammeray, NSW)
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Your recipes are something I always feel confident offering guests and also reasonable in the time to prepare. We often try your recommended wines and suppliers and enjoy your travel tales too!
Jen (Tamarama, NSW)
Jen (Tamarama, NSW)
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Thank you for stocking our pantry with such authentic Ingredients and quality produce. We really like the flexibility of cooking over a couple of days and changing the order we cook the dishes in when we want to. And I love listening to the themed playlist while cooking.
Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)
Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)
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I am absolutely loving Be Inspired! There are ingredients I have never worked with before so having the confidence to try something new is so much fun! The recipes are just amazing and the notes on what can be prep’d beforehand are a great help too. Thank you so much.
Deb (Belconnen, ACT)
Deb (Belconnen, ACT)
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Awesome fun traveling through Emilia-Romagna experiencing first hand some of the produce I've worked with over the last couple of years cooking with Roberta's classes – the family are reaping the benefits now.
Judith (Woronora, NSW)
Judith (Woronora, NSW)
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Food, wine and travel! Three of my favourite things! Be Inspired with Roberta has been a wonderful experience and given me more confidence in the kitchen. I have learnt so much, cooked things I never would have attempted without Roberta’s excellent videos, and used ingredients I have never tried before.
Sandra (Garran, ACT)
Sandra (Garran, ACT)
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I'm a competent cook whose learned so much from Roberta's online cooking classes. The recipes are yummy and Roberta’s video guidance offers so many little tips to improve flavour and organise the flow of preparation. I enjoy her warmth, sense of humour, and ability to giggle at herself when she occasionally messes up.
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