Chicken with Chorizo

Chicken with Chorizo Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Portuguese cooking class inspired by Jose Silva! My chicken with chorizo recipe is based on a classic Portuguese dish, amêijoas com chouriço (clams with chorizo). I created it for a friend who couldn’t eat shellfish but didn’t want to miss out on the flavours. Chicken’s […]

Recipe – Swiss Pastetli (Vol-au-vents)

Swiss Pastetli(Vol-au-Vent) Discover more delicious dishes on my small group Swiss food & wine tour! In Switzerland, pastete means pie and in Swiss adding an “i” to the end of a word forms a diminutive – so a small pie is a pastetli. Pastetli in Switzerland are what we know by the French name vol-au-vent, […]

Recipe – Baked Scamorza with Salami

Baked Scamorza with Salami I love cheeses that melt to a lovely soft texture without becoming oily, like Italian scamorza. Baked scamorza is a perfect quick dinner with salad and some sliced salumi. In Italy it’s often topped with prosciutto, but I prefer slices of Salumi Australia’s picante (chilli) or finocchietto (fennel) salami for something […]

Recipe – Cicciones with Pork Ragu

Cicciones with Pork Ragu I love the chewy texture of cicciones with pork ragu. The name of this rustic Sardinian pasta means ‘little fat ones’, which is so appropriate! This is the same pasta dough used to make lombrichi, the ‘worm-shaped’ Sardinian pasta you’ll see on the video below. The full-flavoured Serra Lori rosato, made […]

Recipe – Pan-fried Brussels Sprouts

Pan-fried Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta Did you grow up disliking soggy, cabbage-smelling Brussels sprouts? I did. Then I discovered how delicious pan-fried Brussels sprouts. With a bit of charring and some cured pork fat if you like they are delicious! I like to use a spicy, chilli-flecked pancetta (or the black pepper-dusted one from Salumi […]

Recipe – Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Bucatini all’Amatriciana I love tomato, cheese and all things quick and easy, so I’m not sure why it took me so long to try my hand at bucatini all’Amatriciana, one of Italy’s classic pasta dishes. Perhaps it’s because guanciale (cured pork cheek) can be tricky to find – so when I discovered Salumi Australia’s guanciale […]

Recipe – Gnocchi Fritti with Salumi Antipasti

Gnocchi Fritti with Salumi Join my Small Group Food & Wine Tours to Emilia-Romagna, Home of Gnocchi Fritti Gnocchi fritti are crisp puffs of deep-fried dough served with salumi all over Emilia-Romagna, they’re also popular in neighbouring Lombardy where they’re called chisolini. Want a delicious, abundant, stress free feast for a large gathering? The key […]

Recipe – Bresaola Salad

Bresaola, Watercress & Egg Salad I fell in love with bresaola when I was researching A Lombardian Cookbook in Italy with Alessandro Pavoni. A specialty of Lombardy, bresaola is salt-cured beef eye round that’s dried in the crisp Alpine air. Virtually identical to Swiss bündnerfleisch (viande des Grisons) from just across the border in the […]

Recipe – Potato Salad

Potato Salad Potato salad is my go-to dish for picnics, barbecues and any family gathering, it’s delicious with virtually everything, including veal schnitzel. For me, hard boiled eggs are a must; the yolks break up a little and add their creaminess to the dressing. Pancetta is optional, I like its saltiness, but you can make […]

Recipe – Salade Lyonnaise

Salade Lyonnaise This hearty salad is one of my favourite starters, and also makes a great light meal. I became addicted to it on a trip to Lyon where I had an excellent Salade Lyonnaise at the bouchon La Meunière. As with all simple recipes, there’s a trick or two that take it from good […]

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