Best Value Seafood Spots in Sydney

Best Value Seafood Spots in Sydney It’s long been an occupational hazard that I eat quite a bit of outstanding seafood. And for me simple is often best. After something fancier? Here’s my pick of Sydney’s fine-dining seafood restaurants. Fresh Aussie seafood doesn’t need anything tricky done to it, nor does it need flash surrounds. […]

Best Seafood Restaurants in Sydney

Best Seafood Restaurants in Sydney Love seafood? You’ve come to the right place! Sydney is arguably the best seafood city in the world, with freshness, diversity and smart chefs who know how to treat it right! Check out these great value casual seafood spots too! Most of Sydney’s top restaurants have seafood-heavy menus showcasing the […]

Top 5 Sydney’s Best Chicken

Top 5 Sydney’s Best Chicken When I was a kid, chicken was a delicacy saved for Sunday best and Mum’s roast chook was the highlight of the week. Like chicken? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class with satay chicken & ayam bakar!  Then charcoal chicken shops spread throughout the ‘burbs, supermarkets installed rotisseries and […]

Top 5 Counter Dining in Sydney

Top 5 Counter Dining in Sydney I’m not talking about the counter meals I enjoy in outback pubs on long road trips here. This counter dining is the modern, urbane incarnation where, rather than sit at a fancy clothed table … Join me on a Food & Wine Adventure in Sydney Soon! … you perch […]

Top 5 Country Pubs

Top 5Country Pubs Pubs are a great part of Australian culture, egalitarian spaces where tradies and CEOs drink side-by-side and everyone feels at home. In the old days there was a public bar for the blokes and a ladies’ lounge for the gals, with no cross-pollination. Today’s public bars welcome anyone who enjoys gaming and […]

Top 5 Thai Restaurants

Top 5 Thai Restaurants in Sydney Given how ubiquitous they are today, it’s hard to believe Sydney’s first Thai restaurants only opened in the late ‘70s. Like Thai food? You’ll love my online Thai cooking class inspired by David Thompson! Now suburbs are awash with cheap-and-cheerful spots churning out repetitive menus of fish cakes, red […]

Top 5 Places To Drink (& Eat)

Sometimes (OK, often) what I drink is as important as what I eat – and sometimes it’s more important. The eats still have to be good of course (and inclusion on this list is in no way an indictment of the food at these establishments), but sometimes I just feel like grazing my way through […]

Top 5 Vegetarian Menus

  Have you noticed how ‘plant-based menus’ have replaced ‘vegetarian menus’? It makes sense; while vegetarian smacks of mung beans and anaemic-looking hippies – plant-based speaks to concern for the planet’s limited resources and our own well-being. Vegetarian is a lifestyle but plant-based is just a menu option. Far from being fringe, many of Sydney’s […]

Top 5 Lucio’s Italian Restaurant

As Lennon and McCartney wrote: ‘there are places I’ll remember all my life’ – and Lucio’s Italian Restaurant is certainly that for generations of Sydneysiders. While Sydney is blessed with much good food, wine and service, much rarer is the authentic hospitality in rooms full of colour, laughter and creative energy that transform a good […]

Top 5 French Restaurants in Sydney

When I think of French food, I think of traditional Parisian bistros and casual country restaurants serving simple classics, rather than Michelin-starred temples of gastronomy. French cuisine isn’t as well represented in Sydney as it should be but there are a few great places that transport me straight back to Paris. Here are my top […]

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