Recipe – Cicciones with Pork Ragu

Cicciones with Pork Ragu I love the chewy texture of this rustic Sardinian pasta – and the name which means ‘little fat ones’! This is the same pasta dough used to make lombrichi, the ‘worm-shaped’ Sardinian pasta you’ll see on the video below. The full-flavoured Serra Lori rosato, made from a blend of indigenous Sardinian […]

Recipe – Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb chops were a fixture on the menu when I was a kid … I’d forgotten how good they are until I noticed them recently at the butchers and thought I’d give them another try. They’re like tiny T-bone steaks and just delicious dressed up with this simple herb marinade. For something special, enjoy them […]

Recipe – Chopped Salad

Of course we all love to cook – but occasionally, there just isn’t time. That’s when I whip up a big bowl of this delicious chopped salad which keeps well for days in the fridge. Found all over the Middle East, it makes an interesting alternative to a leafy green salad (which doesn’t keep well […]

Recipe – Mustard-crusted Roast Lamb with oregano & lemon potatoes

What’s more Australian than roast lamb? Mum’s Sunday roast is one of my favourite childhood memories. It was a large leg of lamb surrounded by a heap of roast root vegies, with boiled peas, beans, cauliflower and broccoli on the side. It seemed to take all afternoon to prepare and was ample to feed the […]

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