Sate Lilit Ikan

Sate Lilit Ikan Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! Sate lilit, made from minced meat or seafood, is a specialty of Bali. On neighbouring Lombok minced satays are known as sate pusut and in Sumatra, where the mince is moulded into balls then threaded onto the skewers, it’s called sate pentul. […]

Turkish Tuna Meatballs (Balik Köftesi)

Turkish Tuna ‘Meatballs’ (Balik Köftesi) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Turkish cooking class inspired by Somer Sivrioglu! I learnt to make Turkish köfte (meatballs) from my friend Somer Sivrioglu. Traditionally he makes them with a combination of lamb and beef, but his technique – and the secret ingredient of semolina – work just […]

Ocean Trout with Spicy Onion Sauce

Ocean Trout with Spicy Onion Sauce Cooking fish almost entirely on the skin protects the delicate flesh, keeping it moist and succulent. The skin usually ends up a bit charred and looking slightly the worse for wear, so I usually present the fish flesh side up. The skin still tastes great and, if you like […]

Grilled Swordfish with Salmoriglio

Grilled Swordfish with Salmoriglio Swordfish (pesce spada) is one of the most popular fish in the Mediterranean and in southern Italy it’s often served with the classic olive oil and herb sauce, salmoriglio (see video below). It has a wonderful meaty texture but tends to dry out and soften if over cooked, so resist the […]

Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry Fish head curry is a classic Singaporean and Malaysian dish. It’s said to have originated in Singapore in the 1950s, though it seems likely that thrifty housewives were finding ways to make fish heads tasty long before then, after all the meat in the cheeks and wings is delicious and plentiful in […]

Five Spice Ling

Five Spice Ling The marinade for this five spice ling, aromatic with star anise, cloves, cinnamon, fennel and Sichuan pepper, is perfect with almost any seafood or poultry. Chef Mark Jensen from Red Lantern (who taught me how to make it) uses it with quail; I love it with firm-fleshed ling and prawns, squid or […]

Spice-Rubbed Leatherjacket

Spice-Rubbed Leatherjacket I love the thick flaky texture of the fish in this spice-rubbed leatherjacket recipe, but you could use any firm-fleshed fish, whole or fillets, including some of the oilier ones like mackerel or tuna as they’ll stand up well to the rich Mediterranean flavours. When you remove the pan from the oven, drape […]

Snapper with Pine Nut & Herb Stuffing

Snapper with Pine Nut & Herb Stuffing I didn’t really care for stuffings until I cooked this snapper with pine nut & herb stuffing, inspired by a dish Giovanni Pilu served me. Herbs, including rosemary, thyme and oregano grow wild throughout Sardinia and are known as ‘erbette di campo’, herbs of the field. They add […]

Persian Minced Tuna Kebabs

Persian Minced Tuna Kebabs Persians love all sorts of kebabs and these minced tuna kebabs are a great alternative to the lamb-based kabab koobideh so popular in Persian cuisine. Cooking time will depend on how thinly you roll the mince and on the heat of your grill; tuna dries out quickly, so better to undercook […]

Aromatic Thai Tuna Skewers

Aromatic Thai Tuna Skewers While tuna isn’t a traditional species in Thai cuisine, its meatiness provides a good pescatarian alternative to the grilled beef skewers often seen in southern Thailand. This recipe is inspired by a recipe from David Thompson, who suggests making a fragrant brush for dabbing the seasoning onto the skewers by tying […]

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