Ejjeh (Lebanese Omelette)

Ejjeh(Lebanese Omelette) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! In Lebanon, ejjeh (omelettes), typically filled with just green onion and herbs, are popular as a snack, part of a meze, or as a sandwich filling wrapped inside fresh pita – sometimes with a little extra green onion and parsley or onion and […]

Telur Dadar Kentang

Indonesian Potato Omelette Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! Omelettes are popular in Indonesia for breakfast, a light lunch, snack or part of any meal. Telur means ‘egg’ and dadar refers to an omelette or pancake. Kerak telor, a spicy omelette made with coconut and glutinous rice, is a specialty of […]

Chicken Mee Goreng

Chicken Mee Goreng Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Singaporean cooking class! Mee goreng is pure Singapore! The name means fried noodles in Malay, but it has its roots in the Indian community. Noodles aren’t common in Indian food, but this is the Singaporean Indians’ take on the stir-fried noodles of their Chinese compatriots […]

Oyster Omelette (Or Chien)

Oyster Omelette This recipe brings back memories of my first trip to Singapore – and my first meal at Newton Circus hawker centre. I’ve seen the translation of oyster omelette written so many ways, including or luak, orh luak, orr chien, orh jian and o-a-tsian. The ingredients vary a lot too, some people use tapioca […]

Singapore Chilli Crab

Singapore Chilli Crab Chilli crab is perhaps the dish most synonymous with Singapore. It’s found all over the island, from hawker stalls to fine diners, as well as being the most popular Singaporean dish abroad. I’ve played around with recipes for Singaporean chilli crab since I had my first plate of it in Ponggol many […]

How To Make Crepes

How To Make Crepes Like crepes?You’ll love my online French cooking class! Whether you’re wrapping them around a savoury filling or making a dessert like crêpes Suzette, the aim with crêpes is to get them as thin as possible. This comes with practice and a good pan. Start with a heavy based, low-sided frying pan […]

Persian Omelet

Persian Omelet Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Persian cooking class! What Persians call omelet is more like what I would call scrambled egg with tomato. It’s usually not a pretty dish, but it is a tasty one that appears on almost every breakfast menu in Iran. Typically the egg is finely scrambled so […]

Bacon from Heaven

Bacon from Heaven There seem to be as many recipes for toucinho de céu as there are cooks; my simple version is inspired by the one Edite Vieira gives in her wonderful book The Taste of Portugal. She says that it originated in the Middle Ages in a convent (as so many Portuguese desserts did) […]

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse Chocolate mousse has never gone out of fashion because it simply tastes so good (and is so easy to make). The trick to good mousse is keeping it as light as possible, so when adding the egg white and cream gently fold it in without stirring more than necessary, better to have a […]

Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Breakfast I loved every meal in Turkey – but I think breakfast, kahvaltısı, was my favourite. Turkish breakfast is so different from what I grew up with and I never tired of it. Each morning, my travelling companions and I sat down to a plate of chopped cucumber and tomato (so fresh and ripe […]

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