Top 5 Sydney Dishes 2022-2023

Top 10 Sydney Dishes 2022-2023 Unless you’re a national magazine full of expensive glossy ads, it’s crazy to claim to publish a definitive list of ‘the best dining experiences to be found’. So consider this a list of the most memorable meals I’ve eaten in the past 12 months, with a stand out dish (or […]

Top 5 Sydney Dishes 2019-2020

  This time each year, the announcement of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list heralds the start of restaurant awards season. Not this year … with the hospitality industry among the hardest hit by Covid19, most organisations are more concerned with how best to promote all that’s great in the industry and support those fighting […]

Top 5 Desserts 2018/2019

I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth – so it takes something really special to lure me into the dessert section of the menu. These five dishes certainly fit the bill – they are some of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in the past 12 months! Cheesecake, Lemon Myrtle, Buttermilk Magill Estatewww.penfolds.comThis creamy monochrome […]

Top 5 International Dishes 2018-2019

Top 5 International Dishes 2018-2019 This year was the toughest yet to stop at just five dishes, and I’ve cheated just a little as you’ll see. So here are the five best dishes I’ve eaten overseas in the past 12 months – I would travel many miles to eat any of these again! Honourable mentions […]

Top 5 Sydney Dishes 2018-2019

Here’s my annual tribute to the best dishes I’ve eaten in Sydney this year. It’s been tough to choose just five, in fact I’ve had so many good desserts recently that I’m reserving them for a separate list (coming soon). These are my Top 5 Sydney Dishes, the ones that keep me going back to […]

Top 5 Cheese Dishes

  I love cheese in all its milky goodness: soft and hard, goat and cow (sheep and buffalo too), mild and pungent, mouldy and crumbly, blue and white. I love it in salads, souffles, fondue, scraped off a wheel of raclette onto boiled potatoes, or just a perfectly ripe chunk on a piece of excellent […]

Top 5 Sydney Dishes 2017-2018

The annual award season kicks off each year with The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List – and a big shout out to Ben Shewry at Attica flying the Aussie flag at #20 in 2018! Here’s my annual ‘awards’ – a roundup of the five best dishes I ate in 2017-2018. They’re all more snacks than […]

Top 5 Desserts 2016-2017

I don’t have a really sweet tooth … often preferring cheese or another savoury course to dessert. All too often I find ‘pudding’ to be the disappointment in an otherwise delicious meal … so a dessert has to be very special for me to find it memorable. Lately however I’ve come across some outstanding treats, […]

Top 5 International Dishes 2016-2017

For me travel is about discovery – I learn a little history and see some amazing scenery – but best of all I get to eat things that are rare or unavailable at home, and occasionally discover something completely new. Here are five of the best things I’ve eaten overseas this year, and where to find […]

Top 5 Sydney Dishes 2016-2017

When eating out there’s always the dilemma of whether to try somewhere (or something) new, or stick with somewhere (or something) you know and love. I enjoy discovering new restaurants and new dishes, but these five keep me coming back to some of my favourite restaurants time and again – and there’s no question that […]

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