Recipe – Skordalia

Skordalia Greece’s famous garlicky white dip is sometimes made with bread as the thickening agent, sometimes with ground almond and sometimes potato. I love chef Janni Kyritsis’ version using both bread and almond as it gives a lovely rich flavour. Any leftover will keep in the fridge for 3–4 days and is delicious slathered over […]

Recipe – Broad Bean Bruschetta

Broad Bean Bruschetta Every meal at Lucio’s Paddington restaurant started with bruschetta, a slice of delicious toasted Italian bread, topped with a mound of something seasonal. I love using tender young broad beans during their short spring season; in summer it’s often diced ripe tomatoes; sliced sauteed mushrooms are wonderful in autumn; and in winter […]

Recipe – Southern Ham Salad

SouthernHam Salad The South is famous for smoked ham. It’s fried for breakfast, sliced for sandwiches and popular in this party favourite. It’s called a salad, but is really more of a dip or spread, perfect for serving alongside its retro cousins, pimento cheese spread and devilled eggs, for an impressive start to a big […]

Recipe – Portuguese Sardine Pate

Portuguese Sardine Pate Chef Jose Silva says: “Paté de sardinha, olives and bread are almost always on the table when you walk into a restaurant in portugal, before you even order.” Sardines abound in Portuguese waters and are one of the country’s most popular fish, with each person consuming an average of over 5kg per […]

Recipe – Turkish Eggplant Salad

Turkish Eggplant Salad Eggplant appears in so many dishes in Turkey that it should be named the country’s national vegetable! And why not – it’s a wonderfully versatile and delicious ingredient, especially when it’s exposed to a bit of intense heat. One of Turkey’s most ubiquitous dishes, this tasty eggplant salad, patliçan salatası, often arrives […]

Recipe – Aussie ‘Solomon Gundy’

Aussie Solomon Gundy Solomon Gundy is a classic Jamaican spread (also called solomon-a-gundy) made from heavily salted herring so strongly smoked that the flesh turns a reddish brown (thus called ‘red herrings’). I’ve opted for locally smoked salmon to create this Aussie version served with raw vegetables for dipping. Keep any leftovers in the fridge […]

Recipe – Hummus

I was taught to make hummus by a Cypriot friend’s grandmother and her recipe produces the smoothest, creamiest hummus I’ve ever had. She insisted that you should remove the skin from the chickpeas to get a smoother texture. I find it quite therapeutic popping them out of their little casings, but you can leave them […]

Recipe – Tapenade

I love salt, so a dish made of black olives, capers and anchovies is right up my alley. Tapenade hails from Provence in the sunny south of France and is generally regarded as an olive paste, however the name comes from ‘tapeno’ meaning ‘caper bud’ in the Provençal language, so be sure to use good […]

Recipe – Guacamole & Pico de Gallo

Guacamole & Pico de Gallo Guacamole is one of the quickest snacks to toss together and serve with drinks. It seems lime juice is not traditional – but it’s the best way I know to stop the avocado from browning, and I like the tang it adds (storing it with the avocado seed in the […]

Recipe – Artichoke & White Bean Dip

This is a simple way to enjoy artichokes when you don’t want to go to all the fuss of trimming, removing leaves and scraping out chokes. Use good quality bottled artichokes, preferably stored in oil or acidulated water, not vinegar as that makes the taste too acidic; I use Colavita brand. The nett weight shown […]