Top 5 Thai

Top 5 Thai Sydney - Viand - Annita Potter

Given how ubiquitous they are today, it’s hard to believe it was the late ‘70s before Sydney’s first Thai restaurants opened. Now suburbs are awash with cheap-and-cheerful spots churning out repetitive menus of fish cakes, red and green curries, and pad Thai. However, thanks to legends like Amy Chanta and David Thompson who pioneered authentic […]

Top 5 French Restaurants in Sydney

Top 5 French Restaurants in Sydney When I think of French food, I think of traditional Parisian bistros and casual country restaurants serving simple classics, rather than Michelin-starred temples of gastronomy. French cuisine isn’t as well represented in Sydney as it should be … but there are a few great places that transport me straight […]

Top 5 Dumplings and Noodles

Looking for more great Chinese food in Sydney? Try my Top 5 Chinese. Top 5 Dumplings & Noodles Food is often symbolic in Chinese culture: noodles represents longevity (don’t ever cut them, just slurp them up whole) and dumplings look like little coin purses to attract prosperity. Add a splash of red chilli for good […]

Top 5 German Food

Top 5 Germanic Fare Living in Sydney, I like winter. I look forward to a few months each year where I can wrap up in colourful scarves, pull on a large coat and enjoy the smell of wood fires … and some hearty northern European fare. When the mercury starts to dip, I crave German […]

Top 5 Indian Restaurants

Top 5 Indian Restaurants The spice-rich food of the Indian subcontinent (from Pakistan to Sri Lanka) has long been a takeaway mainstay. While repetitive menus of samosas, butter chicken and beef vindaloo haven’t done this rich cuisine any favours, authentic ‘cheap & cheerful’ restaurants in suburbs with large Indian populations (such as Harris Park) set […]

Top 5 Casual Italian Restaurants

With our love of espresso, pizza, pasta and vino, Australia could be Italy’s 21st region. Italian immigrants were among the first to broaden the Anglo-Celtic Aussie palate and we also have them to thank for one of the world’s best coffee cultures. Now more than ever, it’s easy to get delicious, authentic, great value Italian […]

Top 5 Best Malaysian Restaurants Sydney

I love Malaysian food – earthy curries, flaky roti, chewy noodles, rich coconut milk, great ways with seafood, chicken and beef … and that’s before we even start talking about pork trotters, durian and other things not quite to my taste, but which my husband, Franz, adores! It’s the original multi-cultural cooking, with its blend […]

Top 5 Mod Asian

Top 5 Mod Asian Australia has a long tradition of Asian food – the Chinese restaurant has been a mainstay in every suburb and country town as far back as any of us can remember. In the late 1970s Thai and Vietnamese entered the mix and, over time, more Japanese and Korean restaurants followed. Initially […]

Top 5 Middle Eastern

Top 5 Middle Eastern Sydney’s always been a great place to eat the food of the Eastern Mediterranean – delicious shared feasts of dips, salads, flatbread and charcoal-grilled meat – less expensive and healthier than a lot of other offerings and mainly along Cleveland Street in the city and in the south-western suburbs. But there […]

Top 5 Chinese

Looking for more great Chinese food in Sydney? Try my Top 5 Dumplings & Noodles. Top 5 Chinese China is a huge country, with as much regional diversity as Europe. But for too long, Chinese food in Sydney meant Cantonese, the food of Hong Kong and Guangdong province, the ancestral homeland of many Aussie-Chinese. More […]