Recipe – Aussie ‘Solomon Gundy’

Aussie Solomon Gundy Solomon Gundy is a classic Jamaican spread (also called solomon-a-gundy) made from heavily salted herring so strongly smoked that the flesh turns a reddish brown (thus called ‘red herrings’). I’ve opted for locally smoked salmon to create this Aussie version served with raw vegetables for dipping. Keep any leftovers in the fridge […]

Recipe – Jamaican Coconut Drops

Also called simply ‘drops’, these chewy toffees are a favourite sweet treat of Jamaicans everywhere. I love the punch the ginger adds to cut through the sweetness. Don’t be tempted to take the mixture off the stove too soon or it won’t set; once it starts to get sticky keep a close eye on it, […]

Recipe – Caribbean Flan

This simple dessert is similar to a French crème caramel or Spanish flan, except it’s a bit denser. The Caribbean version uses condensed and evaporated milk as fresh milk was not always readily available in the past. It’s sometimes also made with coconut milk, and then it’s called flan de coco. Serves 8 Ingredients 5 […]

Recipe – Bajan Corn Soup

Hearty corn soup is popular in many parts of the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados … this is my take on the Bajan (Barbadian) version inspired by one Paul Carmichael told me about; I enjoy the three different textures of corn. Bajan corn soup often contains pumpkin or sweet potato, which I find a […]

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