Top 5 English Cheeses

Top 5 English Cheeses With ample rolling green hills perfect for grazing livestock, England had a rich tradition of farmhouse cheesemaking from Roman times until WWII. Over 90% of traditional cheesemaking ceased with the centralized food production introduced during the war years, but thankfully England’s most famous cheeses survived and many more have been resurrected […]

Top 5 Wales (country guide)

“Why on earth would you go to Wales on holiday?” a British friend scoffed. He was even more shocked when I said it was as much for the thriving food culture as the gorgeous scenery. How often we overlook what’s in our own back yard! Despite our high expectations, this tiny bilingual corner of Europe […]

Top 5 Places to Stay in the British Isles

Top 5 Places to Stay in the British Isles For a couple of relatively small islands, Great Britain and Ireland offer an awful lot to discover. They’re the perfect size for a driving holiday, whether it’s a long weekend in just one area or a few weeks taking in as much as possible. The scenery […]

Top 5 London (city guide)

Samuel Johnson famously said: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.” And I suspect he’s right. But what if you don’t have a lifetime to devote to London? What are the must-do highlights if you’re there for just a day […]

Top 5 Scottish Breakfasts

Top 5 Scottish Breakfasts My favourite meal in Scotland is undoubtedly breakfast. Although I’ve had some fine lunches and dinners in my father’s homeland, what always stands out for me is the quality (and often quantity) of Scottish breakfasts. Perhaps because of the cold climate, they are inevitably hearty affairs of smoked fish, porridge and […]

Top 5 Scottish Highlands
(North Coast 500)

I’m always surprised when people claim to have “seen Scotland” once they’ve visited the (admittedly wonderful) cities of Glasgow or Edinburgh – when just a few hours’ drive north, is some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The Scottish Highlands are full of beautiful bays, craggy snow-dusted mountain peaks, peat-stained streams and heather-clad […]

Top 5 Glasgow (city guide)

Top 5 Glasgow (city guide) The name Glasgow is said to derive from Gaelic for “dear green place” … perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when we talk of a city famous for its locomotive and shipbuilding industries, and which still seems perversely proud of its somewhat gritty, working-class reputation. Yet Glasgow […]

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