A Month of Persian Inspired by Parya Zaghand from Saffron & More


Shared food and hospitality are central to Persian culture. While there’s some overlap with broader Middle Eastern food, Persian cuisine is rich and distinctive. The food of modern-day Iran was influenced by Silk Road travellers, the lands the vast Persian empire encompassed (including Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan), and a wealth of local produce such as saffron, barberries, pistachio and rose. Rice, grilled meat and seafood, salad, herbs, vegetables, fresh cheese, yoghurt and aromatic spices come together to create a deliciously unique cuisine. I was blessed to travel to Iran for the saffron harvest with my dear friend Parya and we can’t wait to share the cuisine of her homeland with you.

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Each 4-week Kit includes:

  • 15 step-by-step recipe videos (13 savoury; 2 sweet)
  • all the premium ingredients necessary to create 4 generous meals for 2 people – we assume you have plain flour, castor sugar and vegetable oil unless you order them here (they’re free). We always assume you have olive oil, cooking wine, salt and pepper.
  • delivery
  • a full-colour eMagazine with extra Persian recipes, food, wine & travel info (including pescatarian variations for all meat and poultry dishes)
  • a video of Parya discussing Persian cuisine
  • matched beverage suggestions with the option to purchase a beverage pack here
  • Spotify playlist of Persian music to cook to
  • membership of the Be Inspired online forum to share inspiration with our passionate cooks, great chefs and awesome producers
  • email access to food writer, cookbook author and Be Inspired founder, Roberta Muir, for any cooking or ingredient questions

Just $42/person for each restaurant-quality meal!

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Deliveries are on 6 & 21 April, with produce packed to remain fresh for at least 10 days and menus designed so that the most perishable foods are used first.
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