A Fortnight of Asian Home Cooking Inspired by Cheong Liew (Menus 1 & 2)


This month we’ll take a delicious dive into Asian-influenced home cooking inspired by Cheong Liew: widely regarded as the Father of Fusion, named one of the ‘ten hottest chefs alive’ by American Food & Wine Magazine, and the first Aussie chef to be recognized with an OAM in the Queen’s Honours List for his role in ‘developing and influencing the style of contemporary Australian cuisine’.

For almost 50 years, Cheong has crafted great Aussie produce into uniquely delicious dishes inspired by his Straits Chinese heritage and the melting pot of cuisines he discovered on arrival in 1970s Australia. I’ve had the honour of eating his food and watching him cook for the past 25 years, now I’ll share his inspiration with you. There’s his classic mamak crab, and the cumquat sambal he and Franz served to 2,000 people at a James Beard fundraiser in New York. Discover home-style comfort food like black bean & chilli chicken with crisp noodles and salmon with preserved Chinese olive & mustard greens.

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Each 2-week Kit includes:

  • all the premium ingredients necessary to create 2 generous meals for 2 people – we assume you have plain flour, castor sugar and vegetable oil unless you order them here (they’re free). We always assume you have olive oil, cooking wine, salt and pepper.
  • delivery
  • 12 step-by-step recipe videos (10 savoury; 2 sweet)
  • a full-colour eMagazine with detailed written recipes plus extra home-style Asian recipes, food, wine & travel info (including pescatarian variations for all meat and poultry dishes)
  • a video of Cheong discussing his cooking and career
  • matched beverage suggestions with the option to purchase a beverage pack here
  • Spotify playlist of Cheong’s favourite tunes to cook to
  • email access to food writer, cookbook author and Be Inspired founder, Roberta Muir, for any cooking or ingredient questions

Just $47.25/person for each restaurant-quality meal!

Delivery is on 2 June with produce packed to remain fresh for at least 10 days and menus designed so that the most perishable foods are used first.
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