Recipes+Videos – An Aussie Summer Inspired by Matt Moran


Explore Aussie food with one of Australia’s most popular chefs, Matt Moran! Matt’s roast leg of lamb with rough mint sauce takes pride of place on our dinner table and the rest of the month is full of iconic Aussie classics including beer-battered flathead, traditional pavlova, chicken pie and the best scones you’ve ever tasted.

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Additional Information

This Recipes+Videos Pack includes:

  • a video of Matt discussing his career and Australian Food
  • 18 step-by-step recipe videos (16 savoury; 2 sweet)
  • a full-colour eMagazine with detailed written recipes, extra Aussie recipes, food, wine & travel info (including pescatarian variations for all meat and poultry dishes)
  • matched beverage suggestions
  • Spotify playlist of Matt’s’s favourite music to cook to
  • membership of the Be Inspired online community to share inspiration with our passionate cooks, great chefs and awesome producers
  • email access to food writer, cookbook author and Be Inspired founder, Roberta Muir, for any cooking or ingredient questions


All Recipes+Videos Packs include pescatarian options.