The Gourmet Potato

The Gourmet Potato - Wentworth Hill
Who doesn’t love a good spud? They’re one of life’s simple pleasures and so versatile! Wentworth & Annette Hill of The Gourmet Potato bring the best heirloom potatoes to market according to some of Australia’s top chefs and the judges of the delicious Produce Awards, who named them Producer of the Year in 2020. Neil Perry calls them “the best potato in Australia,” and that’s good enough for me!
Meet The Gourmet Potato
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I use potatoes from The Gourmet Potato in all sorts of dishes across a wide range of cuisines, as sides, in soups, even in bread!
Scroll down to see some of my recipe videos using The Gourmet Potato’s potatoes.
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Try these delicious recipes using The Gourmet Potato spuds:

~ Bajan Corn Soup (xx)
~ Caldo Verde (Queen May)
~ German Potato & Chervil Soup (xx)
~ Swiss Barley Soup (xx)
~ Vichyssoise (Julia Creme)
~ Watercress Soup (Julia Creme)

~ Trofie al Pesto Genovese (xx)
~ Baked Kibbeh (Andean Sunrise)
~ Gnocchi (xx)

~ Crisp Potato Skins (xx)
~ Crispy Smashed Potatoes (xx)
~ Duck Fat Potatoes (xx)
~ Hasselback Potatoes (Prince Henry)
~ Onion, Lemon & Oregano Roasted Potatoes (Royal Ascot)
~ Patatas Bravas (xx)
Pommes Dauphinoise (Julia Creme)
~ Potato Focaccia (xx)
Rosemary Potatoes (Red Blush)
~ Skordalia (xx)

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Caldo Verde w/ Choriço
Play Video about Caldo Verde w/ Choriço

Caldo Verde

Portugal’s most popular soup, caldo verde is a simple, delicious potato and cabbage mix flavoured with smoked chouriço. I love The Gourmet Potato’s Queen May in this traditional dish.

Sardinian Potato Bread (Cozzula Modizossa)
Play Video about Sardinian Potato Bread (Cozzula Modizossa)

Sardinian Potato Bread

These simple little Sardinian rolls are delicious, keep for days and reheat really well. The Gourmet Potato’s Dutch creams are perfect in this simple recipe.

Potato Salad using The Gourmet Potato
Play Video about Potato Salad using The Gourmet Potato

Potato Salad

Potato salad is my go-to dish for picnics, barbecues, any gathering. It’s delicious with virtually everything, especially when it’s made with The Gourmet Potato’s waxy kipfler potatoes.

Vichyssoise & Equipo Navazos La Bota de Fino 35 - Food-Wine-Travelw ith Roberta Muir


Good potatoes thicken and enrich soups. Sometimes they're the star (think classic vichyssoise), other times a support act, but always adding beautiful flavour.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes using The Gourmet Potato


Steamed, roasted, fried or mashed, aren't potatoes everybody's favourite side dish? They partner well so well with herbs, oils and fat and are great in salads too!

Potato Focaccia with The Gourmet Potato


Potatoes are key in some of my favourite starters: atop focaccia, in pastas like gnocchi, tapas such as patatas bravas and dips including garlicky skordalia.

Potato & Fontina Tart with Smoked Eel - made with Carême all butter puff pastry and The Gourmet Potato


Potatoes are a great base for healthy main courses. They add body to casseroles, texture to savoury tarts and are the classic topping for shepherd's pie.

Meet Wentworth & Annette Hill

Q&A with Wentworth & Annette Hill

Nature creates something tasty and nutritious, then modern agriculture breeds out flavour and nutrients in favour of standardisation and durability. These potatoes have their own unique flavour as well as fabulous colour and texture; they’re the star of a meal, not just a side dish.

Apart from the natural flavour of the heirloom varieties, they're grown in basalt soil that's rich in organic matter in a cool climate with good rainfall. Robertson, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, where they're grown is over 700 metres above sea level which gives very clean air plus cold nights and warm days, which potatoes love.

All potatoes contain starch and there are two different forms of starch. Waxy potatoes (like kipflers) contain one form and floury (or fluffy) potatoes (such as xx) contain the other form of starch. Some potatoes (like xx) contain both types and are great all rounders.

Potatoes that haven't been sprayed with chemicals to prolong their shelf life will develop sprouts as they mature, they also develop more flavour at this time. They're vital, living foods that are perfectly good to eat. Just break the sprouts off and cook as normal. However don't eat green potatoes.

We recommend storing our potatoes in their boxes in a cool, dark place (7°-10°C) with good air circulation. Leave the dirt on them until you’re ready to cook them, it helps them retain moisture so they don’t dry out and soften and also helps protect their nutrients.

You can store potatoes in their box in the crisper of the fridge provided you aren't planning on using them to make chips; the cold affects the starch causing a sugar spike which stops them crisping up properly when fried.

Harris Farm Markets carry a range of potatoes from The Gourmet Potato.

Our potatoes are rich in vitamins C, B6 and B3, plus essential minerals copper, potassium, phosphorous and manganese.

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What Our Cooks Say

Melisa (Beacon Hill, NSW)
Melisa (Beacon Hill, NSW)
Read More
We made the pot-sticker dumplings and bang bang chicken – once again both exceeded our expectations. My husband keeps saying it’s better ordering this than going out to restaurants as the recipes and food quality are amazing.
Glennis (Caringbah South, NSW)
Glennis (Caringbah South, NSW)
Read More
The whole Be Inspired experience has helped me love cooking again. I was sick of cooking the same old things - meal time is a lot brighter thanks to you Roberta.
Kate (Killara, NSW)
Kate (Killara, NSW)
Read More
I loved the Fresh & Easy Chicken – simple instructions, only a few ingredients and the time factor absolutely spot on. Then came the highlight, the taste, no compromise on the enjoyment of that meal! For the time poor Fresh & Easy hits the mark indeed.
Jen (Tamarama, NSW)
Jen (Tamarama, NSW)
Read More
Thank you for stocking our pantry with such authentic Ingredients and quality produce ... I’ve so enjoyed picking fresh leaves from the herb pots and loved listening to the chef's playlist while cooking. We really like the flexibility of cooking over a couple of days and changing the order we cook the dishes in when we want to.
Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)
Katrina (Arncliffe, NSW)
Read More
I am absolutely loving these boxes! There are Ingredients I have never worked with before so having the confidence to try something new is so much fun! The recipes are just amazing and the notes on what can be prep’d beforehand are a great help too. Thank you so much.
Nathan (Manly, NSW)
Nathan (Manly, NSW)
Read More
Loving Be Inspired! Felt like a kid opening up a Christmas present when the box arrived. Fresh herb pots are a nice touch!
Richard (Earlwood, NSW)
Richard (Earlwood, NSW)
Read More
Thanks so much for the Fresh & Easy Meal, it was excellent. We regularly get another meal kit delivery – your offering is vastly superior and a similar price, so big ticks.