Es Degan

Es Degan(Es Kelapa Muda) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! This iced sweet treat of coconut water, sugar syrup and young coconut flesh is one of Indonesia’s most popular drinks. Es degan is the Javanese name, while elsewhere in Indonesia it’s called es kelapa muda (literally iced young coconut). Traditionally it’s […]

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails Prosecco (also known as glera) is a grape traditionally grown in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in north-eastern Italy, where it’s made into a light, creamy sparkling white wine also called Prosecco. Join me on a food & wine tour of northern Italy – home of Prosecco cocktails! The best is produced […]

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails Due to the post-colonial proliferation of sugarcane plantations, rum is one of the Caribbean’s most important exports – and one of its favourite cocktail ingredients! Get More Caribbean Inspiration Here! I’ve given suggestions for white or dark rum in some recipes below, but you can make these classic Caribbean rum […]

Sharbat Sekanjabin

Sharbat Sekanjabin Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Persian cooking class! Sharbat is Persian cordial, a syrup flavoured with fruits and/or flowers, usually with a sour touch, that’s then diluted with water and served over ice. The word is related to sherbet, sorbet, shrub (in the drinks sense) and syrup, via the Arabic šariba […]

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Persian cooking class! I’ve enjoyed ob’eh anar – freshly squeezed pomegranate juice – from street stalls all over Tehran, especially in summer when some are open all night to refresh shift workers and people on their way home from an evening out. Pomegranates are native to […]

Paloudeh Talebi (Persian Rockmelon Slushie)

Paloudeh Talebi (Rockmelon Slushie) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Persian cooking class! Paloudeh talebi are rockmelon slushies sold by street vendors and made in homes throughout summer in Iran; paloudeh is a variation of the word faloodeh, Persia’s famous rose water, lime and noodle granita. These Persian rockmelon slushies can be simply fresh […]

Doogh (Minted Yoghurt Drink)

Doogh (Persian Yoghurt Drink) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Persian cooking class! Yoghurt is popular throughout the Middle Eastern region, dolloped onto rice, stirred through vegetables for a tangy dip, and often blended into refreshing drinks. In Iran, it’s used to make doogh (also written dugh), a slightly salty, minty, fizzy drink that’s […]

Top 5 Southern Cocktails

Some of the oldest American cocktails come out of the South, which makes them some of the oldest cocktails in the world given this style of beverage was at least popularised in the USA. Here are my favourite classic Southern cocktails, using some of my favourite Australian spirits (and a Kentucky bourbon). Each recipe serves […]

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee For a short time during my travels around Turkey I helped out in a friend’s cay evi (tea house) and became quite a dab hand at making Turkish coffee, called kahvesi. The trick to getting that prized thick foam on top is removing the pot – called a cezve (pronounced jez-VEY) – from […]

Barbajada (Milanese Hot Chocolate)

Barbajada Barbajada, traditional Milanese hot chocolate, is the best mocha you’ll ever taste! It was created in the mid-1800s by Domenico Barbaja, a waiter at Café Cambiasi next to Milan’s famous La Scala Theatre. Traditionally it’s made with equal quantities drinking chocolate, coffee and cream (or milk). My recipe is inspired by Alessandro Pavoni’s decadent […]

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