Top 5 Southern Cocktails

Some of the oldest American cocktails come out of the South, which makes them some of the oldest cocktails in the world given this style of beverage was at least popularised in the USA. Here are my favourite classic Southern cocktails, using some of my favourite Australian spirits (and a Kentucky bourbon). Each recipe serves […]

Recipe – Turkish Coffee

For a short time during my travels around Turkey I helped out in a friend’s cay evi (tea house) and became quite a dab hand at making Turkish coffee, called kahvesi. The trick to getting that prized thick foam on top is removing the pot – called a cezve (pronounced jez-VEY) – from the heat […]

Recipe – Barbajada (Milanese Hot Chocolate)

This traditional Milanese drink is the best mocha you’ll ever taste. It was created in the mid-1800s by Domenico Barbaja, a waiter at Café Cambiasi next to Milan’s famous La Scala Theatre. Traditionally it’s made with equal quantities drinking chocolate, coffee and cream (or milk). My recipe is inspired by Alessandro Pavoni’s decadent version which […]

Recipe – Mango Lassi

Sometimes made with buttermilk instead of, or as well as, yoghurt, lassi is a refreshing drink that can be served for breakfast or as a snack at any time. It can be flavoured with pureed fruit such as mango or made in more of a savoury style seasoned with spices like saffron or cumin. Serves […]

Recipe – Vietnamese Iced Coffee

When I first visited Vietnam in the mid-90s it was impossible to get any coffee except the traditional dark roast dripped into a cup of sweetened condensed milk from a small aluminium filter called a phin. As I’ve never taken sugar in my coffee it took some getting used to … but once I discovered […]

Top 5 Dessert Cocktails

Top 5 Dessert Cocktails While cocktails are typically served before dinner, I find some are better suited to the end of the evening. Here’s my version of five classic cocktails that are perfect after, or instead of, dessert. Make your own simple sugar syrup by combining equal quantities of water and sugar or have fun […]

Recipe – Kaffee Fertig

Swiss Kaffee Fertig Adding alcohol to coffee is popular in many cultures. Caffè corretto (coffee ‘corrected’ with a nip of grappa) is a common way to start the day in Italy, in France it’s pousse-café and in Spain, carajillo. The Swiss drink kaffee fertig (‘finished coffee’) at any time of day; and call it kafi […]

Top 5 Classic Cocktails

Here’s my take on some of the best-known classic cocktails. As I’m really more a wine drinker than a cocktail fan, these are mostly relatively low alcohol – making them perfect for sipping on a hot day or evening. Add more ice or soda to stretch them even further if you like, after all the […]

Top 5 Champagne Cocktails

Click Here For Print Friendly Version > Looking for more easy cocktail recipes? Try ~ Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails ~ Top 5 Classic Cocktails ~ Top 5 Sherry Cocktails ~ Top 5 Dessert Cocktails Top 5 Champagne Cocktails There’s nothing like bubbles to get everyone in a party mood. While Champagne is the traditional fizz […]

Top 5 Sherry Cocktails

There’s nothing like a cocktail or two to get everyone in the mood for a party. While purists might argue that mixing Sherry with other ingredients is a waste of good wine, Sherry cocktails have been around since the 17th century. There were simple blends with vermouth and/or bitters (Adonis); or raw egg and sugar […]