Top 5 Australian Rosés

For me spring means longer days, warmer nights, the scent of jasmine, and rosé! I have a strong bias toward the pale salmon-pink rosés of Provence …

Australian Rosé: Logan, Rose of Virginia, Scorpo, La Prova, Castagna

… and an equally strong aversion to the hot-pink, grenache-based lolly water that was typical of Australian rosé for way too long. But all that’s changed and Australia now makes many delicious, dry, food-friendly rosés. These are my five current favourites – though there are many more, often by the glass on wine lists, so celebrate spring with a glass of the best Australian rosé soon.

Australian Rosé - Logan

Logan Hannah Rosé (Orange, NSW)
This pale pink wine, made from a blend of three red grapes with a dash on pinot gris, is the rosé I find myself going back to time and again. A touch of raspberry on the nose and a hint of fruit on the palate before a bone-dry finish makes it one of the best Australian rosés.

Australian Rosé - Castagna

Castagna Allegro (Beechworth, Vic)
This was the wine that changed my mind about Australian rosé, and it’s been my benchmark ever since. A lovely pale salmon-pink with savoury, slightly herbal aromas, textured mouthfeel and a lean, minerally finish.

Australian Rosé - Scorpo

Scorpo Rosé (Mornington Peninsula, Vic)
This pale salmon-pink, shiraz-based wine has hints of rose and strawberry on the nose and a slight fruity sweetness on the palate, but a dry finish with a hint of citrus peel bitterness.

Australian Rosé - La Prova

La Prova Aglianico Rosato (Adelaide Hills, SA)
Made from aglianico, a native of southern Italy, with the palest salmon-pink hue and a great touch of green apple tang on the palate, make this a contender for best Australian rosé. It’s great as an aperitif as well as with food.

Australian Rosé - Rose of Virginia

Charles Melton Rose of Virginia (Barossa Valley, SA)
The grenache in this three grape blend makes for a more strongly coloured wine than most serious rosés. There’s Turkish delight and sweet red fruit on the nose, spicy, fruity flavours and a dry finish – I love it with Asian food.

Updated 03 June 2024

Best Australian Rosé FAQ

Is rosé sweet?

Rosé once had the image of being a sweet wine. But the classic rosés of Provence are pale salmon-pink and bone dry. Today the best Australian rosé is dry and food-friendly too.

What grapes is rosé made from?

Rosé can be made from any red grape and is sometimes made by adding a splash of red wine to a white wine.

Why is rosé pink?

Rosé’s colour comes from the juice being in contact with the skin for a short time, just long enough for a little colour to leech into the juice.

When is the best time of year to drink rosé wine?

Typically, refreshing chilled rosé is enjoyed most in summer and spring – but it’s such a food-friendly wine, it’s great all year round.

What's a good food match for rosé?

Rosé is a very food-friendly wine and a good match with many dishes. Try it with Provençal ratatouille or, especially if it has a hint of fruitiness, Asian dishes like curries or satay.

Who makes the best Australian rosé?

Once upon a time Australian rosé was hot-pink lolly water, but today the best Australian rosés are dry and many Australian winemakers are producing this more serious style.

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