Top 5 Marco de Jerez

Top 5Marco de Jerez For over 50 years, in order to be classified as Sherry a wine produced in Jerez had to be fortified with neutral grape spirit to raise its alcohol level to at least 15%. Originally though not all Sherry was fortified, some made it to the requisite strength of 15% simply from […]

Top 5 Pinot Family

How do you like your pinot: black, grey, white or speckled? Sparkling, still, red, white or rosé? Perhaps a serious Burgundy or a cheeky little blanc de noir? Confused? Don’t be, here’s everything you need to know about one of the world’s most versatile (and delicious) grapes. Pinot is a very old grape variety, which […]

Top 5 Australian Italian White Wines

Here’s some more top Aussie drops: ~ Top 5 Aussie Italian Reds ~ Top 5 Aussie Pinot Noirs ~ Top 5 Aussie Rieslings ~ Top 5 Aussie Rosés ~ Top 5 Aussie Fortifieds ~ Top 5 Aussie Dark Craft Beers Top 5 Australian Italian White Wines Grape vines arrived in Australia with the First Fleet, […]

Top 5 Best Australian Riesling

I’m a riesling girl through and through! I love its fresh acid zing when it’s young and its rich kerosene notes as it ages, mostly I like it dry, lean and minerally, but occasionally I like just a touch of sweetness to stand up to chilli heat. I tried to share the love around the […]

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