Bagna Cauda Recipe

Bagna Cauda Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Northern Italian cooking class! From the landlocked region of Piedmont pressed against the Alps in north-western Italy, bagna càuda was originally a peasant dish that made the most of winter’s limited vegetables by dressing them in a rich garlicky sauce. Bagna means ‘bath’ and càuda, ‘hot’, […]

Blue Mackerel with Romesco Sauce

Blue Mackerel with Romesco Sauce Spaniards love oily fish, including mackerel, sardines, tuna, bonito and anchovies; and their tangy, slightly spicy Romesco sauce is a great accompaniment to any of these (see video below). I love blue mackerel for their thin plate-sized fillets and gorgeous edible patterned skin. The thin fillets only need a few […]

Aussie ‘Solomon Gundy’

Aussie Solomon Gundy Get More Caribbean Inspiration Here! Solomon Gundy is a classic Jamaican spread (also called solomon-a-gundy) made from heavily salted herring so strongly smoked that the flesh turns a reddish brown (thus ‘red herrings’). The rather odd sounding name comes from the old-fashioned English term salmagundi, referring to a highly-seasoned dish made from […]

Radishes with Cultured Butter & Salt

Radishes with Cultured Butter Like this recipe? You’ll love my online French cooking class featuring the Food of Provence! I heard about this way of serving radishes many years ago, but it made no sense. Then one day I was served the most beautiful baby radishes with cultured butter and salt flakes – and it […]

Lamb Cutlets with Romesco Sauce

Lamb Cutlets with Romesco Sauce Romesco is a Spanish sauce from the region of Catalonia, where a variation called salvitxada is served as a dip for calçots, local spring onions traditionally charred over open fires; thick green onions or baby leeks make a good alternative. Since we’re talking Spain, Sherry is the perfect accompaniment, especially […]

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