Turkish Tuna Meatballs (Balik Köftesi)

Turkish Tuna ‘Meatballs’ (Balik Köftesi) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Turkish cooking class inspired by Somer Sivrioglu! I learnt to make Turkish köfte (meatballs) from my friend Somer Sivrioglu. Traditionally he makes them with a combination of lamb and beef, but his technique – and the secret ingredient of semolina – work just […]

Persian Minced Tuna Kebabs

Persian Minced Tuna Kebabs Persians love all sorts of kebabs and these minced tuna kebabs are a great alternative to the lamb-based kabab koobideh so popular in Persian cuisine. Cooking time will depend on how thinly you roll the mince and on the heat of your grill; tuna dries out quickly, so better to undercook […]

Aromatic Thai Tuna Skewers

Aromatic Thai Tuna Skewers While tuna isn’t a traditional species in Thai cuisine, its meatiness provides a good pescatarian alternative to the grilled beef skewers often seen in southern Thailand. This recipe is inspired by a recipe from David Thompson, who suggests making a fragrant brush for dabbing the seasoning onto the skewers by tying […]

Lemon-cured Tuna with Herb Salad

Lemon-cured Tuna with Herb Salad One of my favourite Vietnamese dishes is bo tai chanh, a salad of beef cured in lemon juice, and the same method works just as well with tuna. Whatever protein you use, it’s a very quick dish to prepare once you have all the ingredients on hand, and it’s great […]

Seared Tuna with Garlic Sauce

Seared Tuna with Garlic Sauce The sauce that chef Cheong Liew serves with thin slices of poached pork is equally delicious in this dish of seared tuna with garlic sauce. As the tuna is quite rare, almost raw, it’s important to use sashimi-grade; ask for a log of sashimi-grade tuna that’s already been trimmed of […]

Albondigas de Atun

Albóndigas de Atún (Tuna ‘Meatballs’) Albóndigas, meatballs, are a classic part of the Spanish tapas repertoire and are also popular in Mexico where they’re served in soup. As a tapa they’re usually coated in a thick tomato sauce, I love to add a pinch of smoked paprika (sweet or spicy, depending on who I’m cooking […]

Involtini di Tonno

Involtini di Tonno Tuna is a great pescatarian alternative in red meat dishes, especially ones like a classic Italian involtini where it’s wrapped around a tasty filling and poached in a rich tomato sauce. Traditional veal involtini often includes meat in the filling, but cheese, herbs and umami-rich porcini make for a delicious vegetarian stuffing […]

Prego de Atum

Prego de Atum (Portuguese Tuna Steak Sandwich) Steak sandwiches, called pregos, are very popular in Portugal. The name translates to ‘nail’, referring to the way the garlic is pounded into the meat. They’re traditionally topped simply with fried onion (see video below) and sweet mustard (though I prefer Dijon) with a bottle of piri-piri sauce […]

Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki Tataki literally means ‘pounded’ but in Japanese cooking it usually refers to meat or fish that’s been lightly seared then thinly sliced, so that it’s just cooked on the outside and still raw on the inside, like this tuna tataki. Some sources claim ‘tataki’ refers to the traditional accompaniment of pounded ginger, others […]

Tuna Biryani

Tuna Biryani Tuna biryani is my pescatarian take on the more traditional Indian classic, lamb biryani. Tuna has great flavour, but a tendency to dry out quickly, so it’s best cooked in large chunks. At the table, encourage diners to flake the tuna through their rice so they aren’t eating whole chunks of it, and […]

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