Recipe – Chicken in Half Mourning

Chicken in Half Mourning This is my version of poulet demi-deuil, a classic French dish made by placing shaved black truffles under the skin of a chicken, resembling the veil of a woman in mourning. It seems that the appearance is only ‘half mourning’ because some of the bird’s white flesh is still seen; full […]

Recipe – Truffle & Provolone Toastie

This black truffle & provolone toastie is quite simply the most decadent toasted sandwich you’ll ever make. Australian black truffles are one of the joys of winter and, although they cost upwards of $2,500/kg, a little goes a long way with a small one (20g) costing only $50. If you’ve bought a larger one to […]

Recipe – Truffle Sandwich with Soft-boiled Egg

Truffles are one of winter’s great highlights! These little black nuggets with the unmistakable aroma cost $2,500/kilo – but you only need a few grams for an indulgent breakfast treat. Keep the indulgence going with a slightly sweet Moscato d’Asti, such as the wonderful organic one from brother and sister, Alessandra and Gian Luigi Bera, […]

Recipe – Truffled Macaroni Cheese

Truffled Macaroni Cheese For many food lovers, fresh black truffles are the highlight of winter. I developed this recipe using white Italian truffles from Alba (during their short mid-October to mid-December season), but it works just as well with black truffles. This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled and is also a great side […]

Recipe – Fettuccine with Black Truffle

For many of us, one of the highlights of winter is truffles. But it wasn’t always so in Australia – on 18 June 1999 Duncan Garvey harvested Australia’s first Perigord black truffle in Tasmania. Since then truffles have also been cultivated in NSW, ACT, WA, Victoria and New Zealand (with plantations in SA and Queensland […]