Top 5 Northern Italian Cheeses

Top 5 Northern Italian Cheeses Before refrigeration and modern transport, especially in remote mountain regions like The Alps, butter-making and cheesemaking were important ways of preserving milk. Join me on an Italian Food & Wine Tourof Northern Italy! Large, cooked, well-pressed wheels, with as much whey as possible extracted, had a long shelf life and […]

Top 5 English Cheeses

Top 5 English Cheeses With ample rolling green hills perfect for grazing livestock, England had a rich tradition of farmhouse cheesemaking from Roman times until WWII. Over 90% of traditional cheesemaking ceased with the centralized food production introduced during the war years, but thankfully England’s most famous cheeses survived and many more have been resurrected […]

Top 5 Spring Vegetables

Top 5 Spring Vegetables I love spring! The garden bursts back into life after its winter rest, and the green grocers are full of some of my favourite Ingredients. It’s the easiest time of year for quick simple dishes as these spring vegetables require very little fuss. Here are five of the reasons spring just […]

Top 5 Pasta Shapes
& How To Cook Pasta Perfectly

Pasta is the perfect quick and easy comfort food. I always have half a dozen or so basic dried pasta shapes in the pantry for fast, delicious meals that warm the tummy and the heart. Here’s a rundown on the basic pasta shapes with links to some of my favourite recipes to get you started; […]

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