Marie Rose Sauce (Seafood Cocktail Sauce)

Marie Rose Sauce (Seafood Cocktail Sauce) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Australian cooking class! I wish I could tell you the origin of Marie Rose sauce, but I haven’t found a convincing answer. It was popularised as a seafood cocktail sauce by British TV cook Fanny Cradock in the 1960s, though similar sauces […]

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails Due to the post-colonial proliferation of sugarcane plantations, rum is one of the Caribbean’s most important exports – and one of its favourite cocktail ingredients! Get More Caribbean Inspiration Here! I’ve given suggestions for white or dark rum in some recipes below, but you can make these classic Caribbean rum […]

Southern Fried Salmon

Southern Fried Salmon While fried chicken is the Southern classic, a similar process works just as well with fish in this delicious Southern fried salmon recipe. You can use any firm-fleshed fish; I love salmon as its oiliness echoes the richness of the chicken skin in the traditional recipe. The Southern spice blend is inspired […]

Alabama White Sauce

Alabama White Sauce While Alabama white sauce is a classic barbecue sauce, it’s also delicious as a dipping sauce for fried food like chicken or fish. It makes a delicious salad dressing too (try it with coleslaw)! It originated at Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, one of America’s oldest pit BBQ establishments, opened in 1925. Bob […]

Southern-Style BBQ Octopus

Southern-style BBQ Octopus Traditional southern barbecue is all about sturdy cuts of beef and pork that can take a long slow cook. My Southern-style BBQ octopus is the pescatarian equivalent as, like its cephalopod cousins squid and cuttlefish, it needs to be cooked either very quickly or very slowly, anything in between will render it […]

North Carolina-style BBQ Sauce

North Carolina-style BBQ Sauce In the American South, barbecue sauce is as controversial a subject as the barbecue itself, perhaps even more so with regional variations being fiercely defended as the best, the original and the only sauce worth having. My North Carolina-style BBQ sauce is inspired by the mustard-based sauces of North Carolina. This […]

Mojo Octopus

Mojo Octopus Octopus is great barbecued, especially after a bath in this delicious Cuban-inspired mojo marinade. Unlike most seafood, octopus (and its cephalopod cousins squid and cuttlefish) can be marinated overnight, though a few hours at room temperature will do if you’re short on time. Prawns work well with this versatile marinade too and are […]

Caribbean Fried Fish

Caribbean Fried Fish My recipe for Caribbean fried fish came about when I wanted a pescatarian-friendly version of Paul Carmichael’s Bajan fried chicken. Crumbed pan-fried flying fish is a specialty of Barbados and I think flathead makes a great alternative. You’ll only need about half the Green Seasoning for this recipe, keep the rest in […]

Apple & Pecan Salad

Apple & Pecan Salad Two of the American South’s favourite ingredients, crisp sweet apples and crunchy pecans, come together in this simple salad that’s a bit like a Southern version of Waldorf salad. I like the way it looks layered, with the apple mixture piled onto a bed of mixed greens, but you can just […]

Top 5 Southern Cocktails

Some of the oldest American cocktails come out of the South, which makes them some of the oldest cocktails in the world given this style of beverage was at least popularised in the USA. Here are my favourite classic Southern cocktails, using some of my favourite Australian spirits (and a Kentucky bourbon). Each recipe serves […]

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