Recipe – Red Rice & Herb Cake

Red Rice & Herb Cake Every rice-centred cuisine has a version of fried rice to use up leftover cooked rice. I created this red rice & herb cake inspired by the Vietnamese tomato rice, cơm đỏ, which Mark Jensen introduced me to. It’s a great way to not only use up excess steamed rice but […]

Recipe – Vietnamese Chicken Rice Soup

Vietnamese Chicken Rice Soup Every culture seems to have a chicken soup that’s the universal panacea, and in Vietnam it’s cháo gà. Similar to Chinese congee, it’s sometimes called chicken rice porridge and is generally a breakfast dish, often served with omelette. It can be quite bland, if that’s what you want, and it’s traditionally […]

Recipe – Banh Mi

Bánh Mí I love the way food travels around the world, weaving aspects of one culture into another. The French brought their crisp, fluffy baguettes to Vietnam in the mid-1800s and just over a century later, the Vietnamese brought them to Australia. Now banh mi are one of our take-away mainstays. While they’re a healthy […]

Recipe – Asian Rice with Deep-fried Egg

Asian Rice Bowl We always want to eat well, but don’t always want to spend hours in a hot kitchen. That’s when throw-together-dishes like this Asian rice bowl are welcome, using whatever’s on hand. This recipe for seasoned Asian rice topped with a fried egg came about one evening when Muriel Chen from Blue Eye […]

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