Recipe – Red Rice & Herb Cake

Every rice-centred cuisine has a version of fried rice to use up leftover cooked rice. I created this dish inspired by the Vietnamese tomato rice, cơm đỏ, which Mark Jensen introduced me to. It’s a great way to not only use up excess steamed rice but also any sprigs of Asian herbs you have on […]

Recipe – Vietnamese Chicken Rice Soup

Every culture seems to have a chicken soup that’s the universal panacea, and in Vietnam it’s cháo gà. Similar to Chinese congee, it’s generally a breakfast dish – often served with omelette. It can be quite bland, if that’s what you want, and it’s traditionally served to anyone who’s feeling poorly, especially with a cold […]

Recipe – Bánh Mi

I love the way food travels around the world, weaving aspects of one culture into another. The French brought their crisp, fluffy baguettes to Vietnam in the mid-1800s and just over a century later, the Vietnamese brought them to Australia. Now bánh mi are one of our take-away mainstays. While they’re a healthy quick lunch […]

Recipe – Asian Rice with Deep-fried Egg

We always want to eat well, but don’t always want to spend hours in a hot kitchen. That’s when throw-together-dishes. using whatever’s on hand, are more welcome than ever, which is exactly what this recipe is. It came about one evening when Muriel Chen from Blue Eye Dragon Taiwanese Restaurant gave me some pickled vegetables […]

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