Vegetarian ‘Irish Stew’

Vegetarian Irish Stew Like this recipe? You’ll love my online British cooking class inspired by Simon Sandall! While most Irish would think I’ve missed the point by omitting the lamb from an Irish stew, I’ve discovered that the combination of slowly braised potato and onion makes a quite delicious vegetarian Irish stew with the addition […]

Prawns with Persian Split Pea Sauce

Prawns with Persian Split Pea Sauce Prawns with Persian split pea sauce is a seafood version of the classic Persian dish, khoresh-e gheymeh, in which lamb is braised in a rich sauce with yellow split peas. For me that dish is really all about the delicious sauce, which I love with chicken, seafood, or even […]

Potato & Fontina Tart with Smoked Eel

Potato, Smoked Eel & Fontina Tart This deliciously versatile potato & fontina tart can be vegetarian, but potatoes and smoked fish are such natural partners that I sometimes add smoked eel. Hot-smoked rainbow trout also works; either way use about 300g flesh if using seafood. If Fontina’s not available, use any mild washed rind cheese, […]

Baked Vegetarian Kibbeh

Baked Vegetarian Kibbeh I love the classic torpedo-shaped balls of kibbeh that often appear as part of Lebanese mezze – but baked kibbeh (kibbeh bil sanieh) is more popular as a family meal and much quicker to make. This vegetarian kibbeh is slightly crumblier than the one made with minced lamb, but just as delicious. […]

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