Recipe – Spungata (Apricot Tart)

Spungata (Ligurian Apricot Tart) This delicious fruit tart, called spungata in Liguria and spongata in neighbouring Emilia-Romagna, is similar to what other Italian regions call crostata. In Liguria it’s often given as a gift when visiting friends and family. Apricots are a common filling, but it’s also made with apples, pears and other fruits; the […]

Recipe – Nectarine Fruit Crumble

I think fruit crumble may be the world’s easiest dessert … and one of the yummiest! The only trick to making a great crumble topping is that the butter has to be cold. I still remember the best crumble I ever had, it was in a pub in a tiny fishing village on the east […]

Recipe – Duck & Peach Salad

I’m not generally a fan of meat and fruit together, but duck seems to be an exception … it works well with cherries, oranges and, in this case, delicious summer peaches. Duck breasts are surprisingly easy to cook, though as a short-cut you could buy a whole duck from a Chinese barbecue shop and shred […]

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