Top 5 Country Pubs

Top 5Country Pubs Pubs are a great part of Australian culture, egalitarian spaces where tradies and CEOs drink side-by-side and everyone feels at home. In the old days there was a public bar for the blokes and a ladies’ lounge for the gals, with no cross-pollination. Today’s public bars welcome anyone who enjoys gaming and […]

Top 5 Places to Stay in the British Isles

Top 5 Places to Stay in the British Isles For a couple of relatively small islands, Great Britain and Ireland offer an awful lot to discover. They’re the perfect size for a driving holiday, whether it’s a long weekend in just one area or a few weeks taking in as much as possible. The scenery […]

Top 5 Unusual Hotels

For me, one of the most exciting things about travel is stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring ‘the other’. On holidays we spend our days hearing (and sometimes speaking) different languages, eating different foods, and observing different cultural practices – but then usually retreat to a somewhat standard hotel room and bed to sleep. […]

Top 5 Scottish Breakfasts

Top 5 Scottish Breakfasts My favourite meal in Scotland is undoubtedly breakfast. Although I’ve had some fine lunches and dinners in my father’s homeland, what always stands out for me is the quality (and often quantity) of Scottish breakfasts. Perhaps because of the cold climate, they are inevitably hearty affairs of smoked fish, porridge and […]

Top 5 Group Getaways

Top 5 Group Getaways I recently spent a wonderful weekend with friends in the Flinders Ranges at a self-contained lodge on a working sheep station. We did some sightseeing, cooked, drank some great wines, talked, relaxed, listened to music and enjoyed each other’s company. While holidays in hotels and resorts have their place, it made […]

Top 5 Grand Hotels

Top 5 Grand Hotels Part of the joy of travelling is the chance to stay somewhere different – from beautiful provincial villas through funky boutique hotels to charming B&Bs. Then there are the Grand Hotels – properties with such a sense of history, and service so polished, that they are destinations in themselves. I love […]

Top 5 French Hotels

Top 5 French Hotels I don’t know about you, but I travel for diversity, to see ‘the other’. I live in a beautiful city – multicultural, on a magnificent harbour, full of great art, culture and architecture, with some of the world’s best eats. So why travel at all? Because I like to wake up, […]

Top 5 Swiss Hotels

Keen to see more of Switzerland? ~ Top 5 Switzerland (country guide) ~ Top 5 Canton Bern (regional guide) ~ Top 5 Bern (city guide) Here’s an authentic taste of Switzerland: ~ Swiss Barley Soup (Gerstensuppe) ~ Cheese Fondue ~ Swiss Vermicelles (Mont Blanc) ~ Kaffee Fertig Top 5 Swiss Hotels Switzerland is to the […]

Top 5 Italian Hotels

Love all things Italian? Check out:~ Top 5 Italian Sparkling Wines~ Top 5 Italian Food Markets~ Top 5 Restaurants in Italy~ Bologna (city guide)~ Florence (city guide)~ Milan (city guide)~ Modena city guide~ Parma (city guide)~ Romagna (regional guide)~ Venice Cheap Eats Top 5 Italian Hotels You’ve probably guessed by now that I love Italy […]