Recipe – Poussin with Preserved Lemon Salata

Poussins, French for chicks, are young chickens, sometimes called spatchcocks. They’re a good size to serve whole or halved, but you can also make this dish with a regular-size chicken and just increase the cooking time. Use a good organic bird, like the ones from Eugowra Game Birds, and a good naturally thick yoghurt, such […]

Recipe – Spatchcock with Chilli, Garlic and Lemon

Spatchcock with Chilli, Garlic & Lemon What does spatchcock mean? It’s a method of preparing any poultry or game bird for cooking by removing the backbone and flattening it out – butterflying in other words. So quail, duck, guinea fowl, and chickens large and small, can all be “spatchcocked”. Increasingly young chickens are referred to […]