How To Make Croutons

How To Make Croutons Master Kitchen Basics & Explore New Cuisines & Ingredients with My Online Cooking Classes Croutons (croûtons in French) are a good way to use up stale bread and are great with dips, soups or tossed through salads. The name crouton is a diminutive of the French croûte, meaning crust. Originally crisped […]


Swiss Spätzli Discover more delicious Swiss dishes on my small group food & wine tour of Switzerland! I love eating spätzli in Switzerland where they’re also known as chnöpfli (or knoepfle). While the Germans and Austrians make spaetzli too, they serve them simply boiled – the butter-loving Swiss go a step further. Once boiled Swiss […]

Sambal Terasi Goreng

Sambal Terasi Goreng Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! Sambal terasi goreng is the most common of the many sambals found throughout Indonesia. Sambal means chilli sauce and terasi is Indonesia’s pungent shrimp paste, virtually identical to Malaysian belacan and similar to Thai gapi. Sambal terasi originated in Java, where it’s […]

Acar (Indonesian Pickles)

Acar (Indonesian Pickles) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! Acar are the slightly sweet, sour, spicy pickles that accompany almost every meal in Indonesia. They’re popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei as well and are similar to Indian achar and Thai achat. Acar keeps well in the fridge for several months […]

Satay Sauce (Sambal Kacang)

Satay Sauce(Sambal Kacang) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! This Indonesian satay sauce recipe was taught to me by chef Hasan Yeoh from Kko Kko Balinese restaurant. It makes a thick peanut paste that keeps in the fridge for a couple of months. When you’re ready to serve, mix it with […]

Gai Lan with Garlic

Gai Lan with Garlic Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Caribbean cooking class inspired by Paul Carmichael! Chef Paul Carmichael taught me this way of preparing gai lan (also known as Chinese broccoli). It makes an easy side dish to serve with almost anything, from Caribbean escovitch (see video below) to an Asian curry […]

Quick Kimchi

Quick Kimchi Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Asian Home Cooking cooking class! Kimchi, Korean spicy pickled cabbage, is a great side dish with almost anything. Cabbage ferments quickly, especially if you start it off at room temperature for a day. Kimchi is even delicious eaten as soon it’s made, without waiting for it […]

Insalata di Radicchio

Insalata di Radicchio e Crostini Like this recipe? Eat radicchio e bruciatini in Ravenna on my small group food & wine tour of Northern Italy. Insalata di radicchio e bruciatini is a classic salad from Romagna, the eastern half of Emilia-Romagna. The name ‘bruciatini’ means burned and refers to the colour of the cubes of […]

Piadina Romagnola

Piadina Romagnola Learn to Make Piadina at Casa Artusi in Romagna on my Small Group Italian Food & Wine Tour Everywhere you go in Romagna, you’re served this flatbread. I was taught to make it by a local lady at Casa Artusi in Forlimpopoli, a cooking school and foundation dedicated to the work of Italy’s […]

Muhammara Recipe (Turkish Capsicum & Walnut Dip)

Muhammara Muhammara is an easy Turkish capsicum and walnut dip that’s so delicious, you’ll be whipping it up to serve alongside everything. It’s especially good with seafood and a wonderful addition to a mezze table. I like to oven roast capsicum as the slower cooking gives a deeper flavour. But if you’re short on time, […]

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