Buckwheat Polenta with Mushrooms & Gorgonzola Recipe

Buckwheat Polenta with Mushrooms & Gorgonzola Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Northern Italian cooking class inspired by Alessandro Pavoni! On the first day Franz and I were in Lombardy researching A Lombardian Cookbook, Alessandro took us up to the hunting lodge of his family friends Elsa and Tulio. There in the high mountain […]

Potato & Fontina Tart with Smoked Eel

Potato, Smoked Eel & Fontina Tart This deliciously versatile potato & fontina tart can be vegetarian, but potatoes and smoked fish are such natural partners that I sometimes add smoked eel. Hot-smoked rainbow trout also works; either way use about 300g flesh if using seafood. If Fontina’s not available, use any mild washed rind cheese, […]

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