Prawns with Persian Split Pea Sauce

Prawns with Persian Split Pea Sauce Prawns with Persian split pea sauce is a seafood version of the classic Persian dish, khoresh-e gheymeh, in which lamb is braised in a rich sauce with yellow split peas. For me that dish is really all about the delicious sauce, which I love with chicken, seafood, or even […]

Persian Fish with Barberry Sauce

Persian Fish with Barberry Sauce This tangy barberry sauce is usually served with chicken in a traditional Persian dish called zereshk polo ba morgh, but I discovered that it works just as well with seafood. I like to use large pieces of a firm flaky white fish, such as ling, blue-eye trevalla or mahi mahi, […]

Baked Vegetarian Kibbeh

Baked Vegetarian Kibbeh Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class!   I love the classic torpedo-shaped kibbeh that often appear as part of Lebanese meze, but baked kibbeh (bil sanieh means ‘in the pan’) is much quicker to make and more popular as a family meal. Lakteen means ‘trick’ in Arabic and […]

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